Anyone Else Scared Of The Epidural

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al - January 13

hi guys! I am 34 weeks and i have to say that i am scared to get the epidural. When i think of a needle going into my freaks me out! This is my first baby so i have no idea what to expect!


Meredith - January 13

Although I had one, I can not remember what it looked like, I was in too much pain to even pay attention. Just dont look at it, you'll never know the difference. I was scared of needles, too. But I was more scared of labor than needles!


Ashley - January 13

Try to keep in mind it goes BESIDE your spine, which is a little less creepy. I am pg with my second, and when I got the epidural with my first, I was terrified - but honestly hardly felt a thing. I was having contractions, and really wouldn't have known, excpet they told me to lay on my side so they could do it. Really the hardest part is that you have to be still - which is not easy when you have contractions. Anyways, just my two cents. If you want the pain relief - don't even worry about it - I promise you the needle is a piece of cake.


and - January 13

if you take a childbirth cla__s DON'T watch the video that shows them doing an epidural. Some people like to know and see all the procedures but if you are already nervous it may make you more nervous!


Redhead Mary - January 13

Ladies if you are in labour already and have contractions which is usually the case .... Then they should ask you to tell them when your getting a contraction and they do the needle at the same time so you dont feel it at all... This was the case when i had my son by emergency c section... however i think this time i am going to pick to have c section ... and uhm thats kinda scaring me haha because if its all scheduled then i wont have any pain to cover up the needle going into my spine!! AHHH!! hahaha.. well i guess thats what we get for making a baby...


Eryn @ MN - January 14

I had one with my daughter (4 months ago) and it feels like a little pinch, than you feel like a little stream of cold water dripping down your back at first, then you feel nothing. It is SO worth it. I had a third degree tear and didn't feel a thing (thank God)


Jennifer - January 14

Don't worry, I just had one 5 weeks ago and it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I was scared of it too. I agree with Eryn it just felt like a pinch. You will have to sit on the side of the bed and round out your back by putting your chin on your chest, My nurse stood in front of me and helped to hold me over (hard to do when you have a huge belly!) and I put my arms around her neck, she talked to me calming me down and encouraging me. Honestly the shot they give you to numb the skin burned much worse than the actual epidural needle. They came in the the tray after I was already in position on the side of the bed, so I never saw the needle. The relief it brings is worth the 1-2 minutes it took to place the needle. It was like heaven.


pbj - January 14

Don't worry, I had my daughter 8 weeks ago and I was so scared of an epidural during my pregnancy. Honestly, you don't even see it and if your contractions are as strong as mine were you will gladly welcome it...believe me!


al - January 14

Thanks for everyone's comments! Hopefully, I won't be scared once I'm in pain with the contractions! I'm mostly likely going to be induced so i'm sure the pitocin will cause painful contractions!


M&M - January 15

I am going through the same thing! Needle freak me out anyways, but I heard that this one is painful and scary! I don't really know what to expect either, but I hope that everything goes well for you! Good Luck!


Emmy - January 16

I was more scared of the epidural than labor. I ended up having to have an emergency c-section, so they had to give me an epidural. I was so scared of the epidural and was shaking and crying. The nurse had to hold my hand and comfort me! And you know! It ended up feeling like someone was drawing blood. Not bad at all.


mel - January 17

don't be isn't bad. and this is coming from someone that almost pa__ses out when they have blood drawn (blush). just a little pinch and then the pain relief is heavenly.


28 WKS - January 17



Sharleen - January 17

I am pregnant with #4. With the first 3 I went without the epidural by choice b/c I am so afraid of it! My last delivery of my son went so fast and furious, it killed! Now I am nervous about the delivery and the epidural. My husband thinks I should just suck it up and get the doctor is predicting this baby is going to be at least a pound bigger than my last one! Yikes! Your posts have helped ease my mind but I am still unsure about what i might do. my question is for those of you that got the epidural...are the side effects bad? What are they?


Jennifer - January 18

Sharleen, for me I don't think the side effects were bad. To be honest there are some side effects, but to me they were small in comparison to the pain i was feeling before. When I got the epidural My legs and feet were numb. I could still feel my contractions, but they were'nt painful. I was just aware of them.I was still able to push and according to my nurse I pushed very effectively. After I had my son and they turned it off, my legs felt very heavy and as it wore off it was just like when your foot falls asleep and as it wakes up it's tingly. But not painful like a pins and needles sensation, just heavy and tingly. It took about 3-4 hours to wear off completely. Before it wore off completely I could walk but I was wobbly and unsteady. That was it. Oh and my baby wasn't groggy like some people say they will be. He spent 3 hours with us right after his birth before he was taken to the nursery and he was awake and very alert the whole time.


Jessica - January 18

Hey Al. I honestly cant even remember getting my epidural! The contractions are on your mind i didnt even feel it! Im now pregnant again with my second and hoping i dont feel it this time etheir :)


mel - January 18

I don't recall any side effects from my epidural.



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