Anyone Else Sleepy All The Time

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Mrs.Steve - October 12

I'm almost 37 weeks, and man, I'll tell ya, I'm good for a nap any time of day. Which is weird because I don't do much during the day...because I'm too tired, LOL. My dh and I are huge Seinfeld fans and it's kind of our ritual to watch it every night together at 10. I go in the bedroom to watch with him and end up waking up in a dark room at 1am not remembering seeing any of it. Then he tells me the next day that I fell asleep before it even came on, LOL. I'm sleepy as I'm typing this.


waitngformyangel - October 12

wow. sounds just like me... im always sleepy.but i dont do anything. i think the most ill do is maybe some laundry if it needs to be done but most of the time im jsut on the but as soon as i jsut get in the bed... somehow i end up falling asleep. :/


josie4 - October 13

I'm 36 weeks and I'm tired all the time. I feel like I did in my first trimester!


tish212 - October 13

I am tired as soon as I wake up however mine is due to hypothyroidism and being pregnanthas thrown my tsh level (thyroid hormone) way off...and the dr is trying to level it but as the baby gets bigger the more off it goes...I do my housework in spurts....thank goodness for an understanding an idea of how off it is a measure of 1 to 7 of tsh is normal my last measurement was 1026 yes one thousand twenty six.... of course this pregnancy is ablessing since thyroid problems can severly complicate getting pregnant. I'm glad though to see I'm not the only one with the main motivation of sleeping (if that makes sense?) :)


reblurich - October 13

I have been that same way this week just like my first semester. I am 27 weeks


HeavenisMine - October 13

Welcome to my world, Sleepy: 24/7 Amount of sleep: Maybe ten hours a week?


jenna32 - October 13

YES! Sleeping all the time, i hate it!


anisha - October 14

Oh yeah. I am only 22 wks and i am very tired...a lot. I would get a burst of energy to do stuff and an hr or so later I want to sleep the rest of the day. Yesterday I woke up at about 8:15 a.m. and had breakfast then went right back to bet until about 1 p.m. The funny thing is, that once i get up in the night to or early morning to use the bathroom I can't go back to sleep, but when I do its forever. I have to transit to work everyday and i try to get as much rest as possible on the weekend but i am still always very tired and even find myself wanting to sleep at work. I think I need to work out a routine with my b/f so minimize me being so tired during the week and see if that help. You know with cooking and chores and stuff


anisha - October 14

I believe it is our body's way of saying 'rest up for the trauma of labor'. So although it sucks feeling sleepy all the time take advantage of it.



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