Anyone Else Soooooo Anxious

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alirenee86 - September 24

Hello to all of you who are so close to their due dates! I'm due Sept. 30th with my 2nd (had my first 10.5 month ago and so pregnant for almost a year and a half now!! I've had great pregnancies but at this point, I am sooooooo anxious and feel like it could be any hour now! No signs of anything yet, but I didn't have any either with my first. Any of you out there that are feeling this way...can't wait to have the baby in your arms at this point rather than inside??!! The anticipation is killing me!


Tasha - September 24

Im totally in the same boat! Im due the 28th and can not wait to meet this little one! I was 9 days overdue with my first and had to be induced which resulted in a c-section. Im trying to go natural this time, but I have an ultrasound today to see if baby is breech, if so I will have to have another c-sec, but on the bright side it would be very very soon! If not its just the waiting now! I have an acupuncture scheduled for Saturday and she is pretty confident I will go into labor a couple days after. I have been having contractions and BH for 3 weeks, which I never got with my first. But when I got checked on Monday the baby is still very high and Im not dilated or effaced or anything!! So again its all about the waiting! I can imagine for you since you just had one how you would want to be unpregnant by now! Do you know what your having? We are keeping it a surprise, I have a 2 1/2 year old boy. He is so amazing that I would love another boy, but I would be so happy with a girl as well!!


alirenee86 - September 24

Awe, that's cool you're keeping it a surprise and have such a great little boy. Maybe he'll have a brother:) My first was a boy and this one is too, which I'm really glad cause they'll be so close. My son now is so happy and such a good baby. I stayed 1 cm going into labor with my first and like 3-4 hours later, had him. I'm only 1cm again this time and just had an appt today and he said my cervix was pretty soft, which is a great thing. Still 1 cm but I have a feeling it's going to be this weekend- Saturday is my hunch. You have to keep me posted with your progress! So exciting from here...oh and wiht your 2nd, I believe the baby doesn't even drop until you actually go into labor. Hopefully you're not breech. My first came 1 day before his due date. I have a feeling this one will be about the same. Best of luck to you and keep me posted!


Tasha - September 24

So baby is NOT breech. Which is a great thing, now its all about the wait. Thats funny you had a feeling about Saturday, I had the same feeling for myself, but I dont know if for me its just wishful thinking! Were you on time with your first? They think my baby is around 7lbs right now, I know they can be out by a pound, but my son was 8lbs even so it would be neat if they weighed the same!


alirenee86 - September 25

My first was 7.8 pounds and came a day before his due date. That's funny because I'm thinking this one might be the same weight too. Any names picked out?? Oh, and that's terrific the baby isn't breech. My was a few weeks ago and they had me schedule a tentative c section if he didn't turn, but he did and has been in the right spot since:) We're naming him Carter Christopher...


Tasha - September 25

Thats a great name. If we have a boy it will be Drake Vincent and if its a girl it will be Sadie Kathryn. After my ultrasound my Dr called and asked me to come in to discuss the results, which is scaring me because she told me if it wasnt breech that I would just go to my original appointment on Monday, but she booked me in for tomorrow..I hate not knowing whats going on, Im sure if it was urgent I would of seen her right after the ultrasound. I just hope they didnt find something else that would prevent me from having a v____al birth, although if they did I guess its better to know before I go into labor than after (:


susandutchak22 - September 28

I am 34 weeks pregnant with my third baby. I want to meet this baby soooo bad that I wish it was here already! I have been this way since about 26 weeks!!! I think I feel this way because I went through 2 pregnancies already and have experienced pretty much everything I am now with this I guess everyone gets anxious and wants to meet the little person they are creating! I just cant wait!! We didnt get to find out with this one because the turd had its legs crossed and the cord in the way! So it will be a suprise for us....with my first two I got to find out they were girls! So I am hoping that this one is a boy....if it is then we have picked out Carsen Ray and if its a girl, omg we are soo not agreeing on a name,,,,we cant even come up with a name....anyone have any suggestions??


alirenee86 - September 29

Tasha- any word on the u/s results?? Susan- girls names...hmmm...Bianca, Lauren...not sure, I'm bad as I'm in such boy mode now! Maybe it'll be a boy, I like your choice:) Yes, ladies, getting anxious is right. Im due tomorrow and was sure I was going to have him over the weekend and didn"t! After today, I will be carrying this baby longer than my first which came on a day before his due date. I have a dr appt tomorrow and imagine if I dont go into labor today, that they will schedule an induction as they said they won't let me go past one week. Induction to me though means uncertaintly and not knowing if it'll turn inot an emergency c-section, etc. etc. and now my mind is getting the best of me! I was so not like this with my first...I just went so happilyl along till the end. I feel like when you're in college and you're waiting for a guy to call! Every movement or this or that and I'm hoping it's the beginning of labor!


Tasha - September 30

Ultrasound showed that I had low amniotic fluid so they did another on yesterday and its fine, so thats good. I have another Dr's appointment tomorrow to see if anything is happening down there yet if not I guess they will scheduale me another c-section, which I really dont want. I dont know I just hope I go into labor naturally really really soon!! Today would be great!!! Getting so anxious, and hubby isnt helping, everyday he's it coming?? HOw the hell am I to know! Every little cramp I feel I hope its coming and then they just stop! NOw that Ive had 2 ultrasounds in a week and Ive seen my baby I just want to hold it!! FInd out what it is, see it in person!! Agh..the waiting!!


alirenee86 - September 30

Tasha I so hear everything you're saying. First of all, I'm glad the news wasn't bad and everything is fine! That's great. My due date is today, I had a dr appt and I'm still 1cm and 50% effaced, same as last week. I'm walking constantly and with my first, I was only 1 cm when I went into labor and it all progressed quickly so I'm not worried about that. At any rate, the dr said everything looks perfect and is where it should be really. He said my cervix just isn't a prime candidate for actually being induced at this point and could only result in a longer labor and a possible emergency c section so he recommended waiting it out to come naturally hopefully over the next couple of days. I agree with it and don't want to really interfere with nature like that just cause we're all so anxious! My husband says the same thing every day. If I call him, he's like, 'are you in labor?', 'maybe today you'll go into labor!'. I just have no idea but think he'll just come out of nowhere as my first did and probably ov er the next few days. As everyone is telling me, hang in there!! Keep me posted!


micsmms3 - September 30

I'm anxious. and my dbf is every more-so anxious. I'm due Dec. 12th- and it's my 1st- so I'll likely deliver late- unless of course I go early!!! My sis went 1.5 months early with her 1st. I want to do a poll and see how many 1st babies come late... She may be an Xmas baby, you never know!



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