Anyone Else Starting To Get Nervous Anxious

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d - January 31

Hey Ladies, I am due March 29 or April 8. Dr still not too sure. I keep measuring different. I say April 2- because of the full moon. LOL... Anyways.. I am starting to have really bad anxiety that I am never going to be ready. Dh and i tried for so long and it finally happened and my pregnancy has flown by so quick that I am still trying to catch up... We just his furniture for the nursery (in which one piece is missing so have to reorder that). We still haven't painted.. Dh is working the next 4 weeks in a row. and of course during the week also. This Friday I am 31 weeks. I have only diapers, some clothes, some bottles and that is it. My shower i know is sometime in march. But tomorrow is Feb 1 and Feb is a short month... I just feel that I am never going to be ready for this arrival. I want to be. I just keep thinking we aren't going to have anything done... I am sorry. I just hope someone else is feeling this same way... Now I am just soo exhausted that I can't seem to get anything done. I am getting uncomfy (alittle) I can't say it is really that bad. THe bladder is the bad part. LOL. Ohh The leg cramps in the middle of the night.. ouuuchhc.. Anyone else get them? They are soooo painful. Wow... Happy Third Trimesters to all.. Pretty soon our little ones will be here..


MommyMeg07 - February 1

Hi D! Mmkay, pretty much, you have as much done as I do and I'm due in TWO WEEKS!!! ha ha. Plus, my dad (who lives quite a distance from me), is bringing up the cradle I'm going to use for the baby TO THE HOSPITAL, so imagine that - I won't even have the baby's furniture until she is born!! If I were you, I would just try to do something small every day. One day maybe do some baby laundry, one day sterilize the bottles... stuff like that. I don't know if you work, but I'm on my maternity leave now, so on some days I'll just go to Babies R Us and just look around! I had fun packing my hospital bag too, if you haven't done that - I would just go to Target and get the little toiletries or new slippers, ha ha, stuff like that. I don't want to be sitting around and getting fatter!! ha ha I think you have plenty of time girl... and if everything isn't done when the baby gets here - he won't mind. But anyway - I totally feel the same way!! And I'm not getting leg cramps, but I'm getting very uncomfortable!!


d - February 1

That I am trying to work on is the hospital bag.. Started picking up maxi pads, but that is it. Wow 2 weeks! Have you picked out her name? That is nice that your dad is bringing that up for you, is he staying for your daughters birth? Any hints on the hospital bag?


savy - February 1

HI d! I'm due March 29th too! There's a couple of other ladies on the forum that are due on that date as well. At times I get a lot of anxiety considering I've heard so many horror stories, including my grandmother who said "I hate to see you this way because you're going to go through so much pain and suffering!" Thanks grandma, you're a big support. But I'm really trying to be positive, and the way I try to look at it is that it's going to happen no matter what and the most important people in my life are going to be there to help and support me through it. There is a baby born every 7 seconds in the US, so women do this everyday. Yes it's going to hurt, but everyone gets through it, so just try and be optimistic and you'll be just fine. Hope this helps!


mary b - February 1

D-once you have your shower you will feel a lot better...i has the same feelings you have but after my shower...i feel much more prepared...i'm 35 weeks today...Once you get everything put away you will feel so much better...but i still feel anxious about being a mom, and having a healthy w/ one anxious feeling comes another! As for leg cramps...stretch your leg muscles before bed, exercise helps too.!!



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