Anyone Else Still Jogging

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cattac - December 13

Just wondering if anyone else out there is still jogging? This is my third pregnancy/third baby. With my first he was due the first week of November and I jogged until late August. With my second I jogged on and off until delivery. With this one I've jogged more consistently except probably 3 weeks where I did not feel like it but I'm back on the horse. I ran before pregnancy anyway- 6-7 miles a day- so the dr said it's fine since my body's used to it. Maybe I'm paranoid but I'm for some reason worried this time that the jogging is going to start labor early. Anyone else have this feeling that's been jogging? I never got the feeling before this pregnancy but I am now and almost in my 26th week (yes I know I'm not technically in the third tri but almost)... right now I'm probably walking 15 minutes and jogging 45 for an hour exercise total.


Iamamiracleangel - December 13

Wow! That's admirable that you are still jogging this late in pregnancy! I'm not sure if it's healthy or not, I'm on bedrest so I'm the opposite of you, heh. If your doc hasn't said anything about it, then eh, I wouldn't worry!


jennifer_33106 - December 13

I have read that as long as you are used to it and it has been a normal routine for you then it is fine. Also if your doctor approved you to do it then I wouldnt worry. It might get uncomfy later on though when the baby drops and as the LO gets bigger. But I applaud you and you know you will prolly have an easier labor for it.


cattac - December 13

I think you may be right about the labor part. I was induced with my first son and from the start of water breaking to birth it was 5-6 hrs. I ran more last time and given second should be faster than the first my second I went into labor on my own and from start to finish around 3 hrs. Hopefully this one will be shorter too. I'd like to think the running paid off a little! It definitely didn't with weight gain....I gained a ton each time.


sarah21 - December 16

Probably if you are used to running it's fine and just listen to your body. You'll get uncomfortable when you need to stop, more than likely. If you start experiencing contractions after running it would be a good idea to cut back a bit.


cattac - December 16

As I'm approaching my 7th month I am getting more uncomfortable because you have to use different muscles- obviously stomach muscles don't work too well at this point. Once I get into it it's fine...I just dont understand why I'm so paranoid this time around about this forcing me to go into labor. I've never been like that and will honestly probably eventually hold off on the jogging for that reason.


mary_ln - December 16

I know that my sister jogged right up to the day she was induced two weeks before her delivery. And, it definitely paid off; she only pushed once! I do some aerobic activity every day, but not an hour or anything, and I am 34.5 wks. I think my body likes it, and it can't hurt being in shape for the big event. ;) If your still worried, talk to your doctor. S/he will set you mind at ease either way.


cattac - December 17

I do agree that exercise helps outwith delivery. With my second I exercised more consistently- just had spurts where I didn't jog. I exercised with my first but stopped about two and a half months before I delivered. I pushed 30 minutes with my first and two pushes with my second (much easier)! HOpefully it will pay off this time.


cattac - December 17

also MARY_LN...was your sister uncomfortable or was it just easy for her right up to the big day?


babylove4 - December 17

WOW!! That's good & If Your MD approves of it I see nothing wrong with it, I totally stopped when I found out I was preggo & I only used to run/jog 3-4 miles 4 times a week... I seen a MD (gyno) who was about 36 weeks preggo running really fast on the treadmill here at work (Hosp.) So I guess it is okay....I'd say keep up the good work If Your up to it... : )



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