Anyone Else Worried Gender Isnt Really What You Were Told

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karlie - October 6

We have confirmed its a boy twice now, and we had our showers and have gotten all kinds of little boy stuff, but last night I had the most vivid dream that my dr. said it was a girl not a boy. The first person that said it was a boy was an ultrasound specialists my dr brings in just for that and measurments aroud the 20 weeks mark, and then my husband and I went to a private office to have a 4d ultrasound done and Boy was confirmed again, so in my dream it was my actual Dr. that said NO, ITS A GIRL! I know pregnant dreams are vivid and crazy sometimes, but I hope this doesnt mean anything. Of course my cousin would say, "serves you right for getting so much blue stuff so soon!" Just wondering if anyone else was concerned that the tech, or dr. was wrong? I really dont think I am (that concerned), but that dream was weird!


Noams - October 6

HI Karlie, I feel the same as you, I have only had one scan at 19 weeks that confirmed the s_x a GIRL I want one so bad that I do not believe that I could be lucky enoug to have one. Of course I would be just as happy if I had a boy, but I have a son already and would like one of each. At least you have had 2 scans, and I hear that there is more chance getting the s_x wrong if they think it is a girl, than if they think it is a boy. Good luck.


Barb - October 6

I wonder about it sometimes...but I've had 3 scans done and they all said girl, but who CAN'T help but wonder until the big day??!! =)


Jane Simpson - October 6

It's a boy and you know that. Now, think about your baby boy being heathly and stop being neurotic!


Lauren - October 6

I had an u/s at 20 weeks. The tech asked if we wanted to know the s_x. We said yes, but never told her what we wanted. She told us it's a girl. I said are you positive and she said yes. I couldn't believe it cuz we really wanted a girl. But she typed it on the pic and gave us a copy. When I look at the pic, I definitly don't see any boy parts. Most of my friends and family like to mess with my head and say its really a boy. So after hearing this for a month, I decided to asked the dr. at my next appt. She stated that in the 10 years she has been practicing, there has only been one mistake by the tech. And actually, that baby came out having both male and female parts. Crazy, I know. But I have decided not to stress over it cuz its not healthy for me or the little one. It does stay in the back of my mind and knowing my luck, it will end up a boy. I hope not though cuz everything we have is girlie!!!!


karlie - October 6

Im glad that others kinda always have it in the back of their heads to, but to Jane Simpson... the point of this forum is NOT for people like you to come on here and tear down women with general questions, get a life and grow up. And maybe do us all a favor and dont come back to this website if you arent going to have anything constructive to say, And yes, I always like to hear both sides of an argument, but calling me names is NOT a supportive argument for having doubts about MY BABY'S gender!


Ashlie - October 6

I agree with Karlie - Jane stop being so rude. But back on the topic, I had 2 u/s done and the first one we couldnt tell and the 2nd one the tech said it was a boy. This is my 2nd baby and everyone in my family is saying "oh its a girl, your carrying *her* different than you carried Ryan (my son)" So I find myself continuing to look over my u/s pictures to make sure its actually a boy and not his umbilical cord. lol But because of that, every boy thing that I bought I have left all the tags on and saved all my reciepts incase I have to exchange things. :)


jessie - October 6

Hey Karlie - I'm in the same boat. My u/s said a boy but all my dreams (and I've had a few) have me delivering a girl. We'll see in a month!


lisa - October 7

i agree about Jane simpson dont need coments like that. Ive had it confirmed twice that im carrying a girl and have had girl dreams but last night had a vivid dream it was a boy, i think its just our subconcious worries comming out at night.anyway when it arrives it will be the best thing on earth and am sure we wont give two hoots what gender it is as long as its healthy, im 38 weeks and getting paranoid something will happen to me baby, ie die in the womb before birth, and want it out now,


tracy - October 7

i had a 3D u/s done at 25 weeks and was told i'm having a girl - i got to see her little 'bits' and everything! but now, at 34 weeks, maybe it just feels like the last confirmation was too long ago or something, coupled with all of the comments i get from the bus driver, salespeople, the dentist, and my own mother - that i'm having a boy because of how i'm carrying. so i'm doubting science & my own eyes in place of comments from strangers and an old wives tale about how we carry determines what we're having. it all sounds so silly but these hunches & dreams we have feel so real! i've only got 6 weeks to go and have already decided in my head that if i do have a boy, the worst case scenerio is he'll be wearing some florals and pinks for the first few months of his life :) i'm happy with whomever is in my belly so long as they're healthy.


Jen - October 7

Hello again Karlie! Well, I was told on my second u/s that we were having a boy, but I could not see a freakin' thing on the picture the doctor gave us as "proof." I had another u/s yesterday and there was absolutely no way he is anything other than a boy! lol! You could clearly make out the "twig and berries!" I always had a feeling that it was a boy even before the first u/s, so trust your instinct, and the doctor is probably right, too. : )


Miranda - October 7

I also was told it was a boy at my 20 week scan and got a picture w/ an arrow pointing to the parts and all...and i was very sure it was a boy after that. But the more time pa__sed the more i kinda forgot about the 20 week scan, and starting second guessing the boy parts i was supposedly looking at. But lo and behold at my 34 week scan i had them tell me again, and yes indeed its a boy. I think the more time that pa__ses the more you start to doubt....but they are usually right..Good luck!


Christy - October 8

Karlie- funny you should mention this, because I have wondered the same thing myself. I was told we are having a boy on the 20 week US. Then, I had a a pretty vivid dream a few weeks ago that I had a baby girl, kind of like you. I have my 34 week US scheduled on Thursday and wonder if they will still say it is a boy. I have been told that the US tech has never been wrong in 20 years, but one never knows. We should have a follow-up posting after we have our babies to see if we had what they said we were having. :)


Mary - October 8

A coworker of mine was told she was having a girl and when the baby was born it was a boy. I am also pregnant with twins and have had several scans due to high risk. I have been told that I am having two boys. Well just yesterday the doctor asked if I knew the s_x of the babies I said yes two boys and his comment was "Well anything is possible" What does that tell me - that now they are unsure!! One they know for sure is a boy but now at 26 weeks they don't want to confirm that the second one is also male. So you see they do make mistakes. Not all of the time but it happens.


Tonia - October 8

You know I'm hoping that it's a boy b/c I have all these boy clothes that were hand me downs and I can't exchange none of them. I had an u/s at 18 wks and was told it was a girl then about 15 min of just playing around I saw something different so the DR. put the word BOY with a question mark behind it. I guess I'll know the truth when it's time.


N - October 8

I had an ultrasound at 17 weeks and they couldn't tell.. everyone in my family, including my husband swore up and down it was a girl.. I had an ultrasound last week that said boy. It's funny because this is my second boy and with both pregnancies I have very vivid dreams of holding my baby girl, even after I knew I was having a boy.



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