Anyone Ever Feel This Pain

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krista-lee - June 3

well, as a lot of people know, s_x helps to bring on labor. so you know what happened next lol. so afterwards i feel soooooo sore and crampy in my lower stomach the same area where i get menstural cramps. i know these arent contractions but its soooo painful and uncomfortable, im sitting in the computer chair now, and everytime i move or try to get up i cant because of the pain. even when im sitting it hurts ALOT. it always feels sore but every once and a while ill get an even sharper pain, just in my lower stomach. is there anything i can do to make it stop? i tried to sleep, and i couldnt, i got into a bath and that didnt help either. walked around and drank 4 bottles of water and it still hurts : ( anyone know how to make it go away? its been like this for about 5 hours


CyndiG - June 3

Krista, it may be early labor. I remember with my 1st, just being really uncomfortable and achy for the whole day before my contractions started. Look for other signs of labor too. Good Luck! Keep us updated!


krista-lee - June 3

thanks cyndi! wow that makes me feel a whole lot better! im already a week overdue, i hope this is it! : )


^lucy^ - June 4

krista good luck.. sounds like early labor for me too.. this is what i felt 20 days ago and next morning i had my baby!! wow im so excited for u cz i've been reading that ur over due.. keep us posted :) GL


krista-lee - June 4

no such luck for me : ( i fell asleep last night still in pain but woke up this morning feeling perfectly fine. i just went to my grandmothers for a BBQ, still feeling a little crampy but nothing compared to last night. im not sure if early labor slows down or not, but i hope i have this baby soon!


Tjane - June 5

I am having the same pains, I am only 33 weeks though, I have a low tolerance for pain so last night they had me nearly in tears. For your sake maybe it is labor hopefully for me its not....They are right in my lower abdomen and it only hurts if I am moving, walking, any movement really.... just feels tender in general.....



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