Anyone Ever Have An Amnio Done

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Kiddolebel - April 17

Im scheduled for an amnio on May 8th to test for lung maturity. (ill be 37 weeks that monday). If all goes well I will be induced that day or next day. Just curious what its like to have one done. Im kinda scared to get it done but I know I have to do this to make sure my little girl is good to go so I can have her before she gets TOO big. I had shoulder distocia with my first child so theyre trying to not let history repeat itself. Anyhow thanks for your input on your experiences. Take care ladies!!


Suzanne - April 18

I had one around 4 months. It hurt like giving blood when it first goes through your belly. Then they pause a sec, and put it into your uterus. If you are having a contraction, it will hurt. (Like it did with me) Other people say if you are not having a contraction you hardly feel it going into the uterus. I was not prepared for what it felt like but I am a HUGE baby. It really is over so quick; it is just a weird feeling. You will cramp for a few minutes when they take it out but nothing bad.


Kiddolebel - April 18

Thanks for your input Suzanne. Im a big baby too when it comes to needles.


Monique - April 18

I had one. I agree it felt like blood being taken--NOT BAD AT ALL!!! I closed my eyes when the needle went in because I was pretty sure it would freak me out. DON'T WORRY!!! I had built myself into a frenzy before and it was a piece of cake. GOOD LUCK!


Kiddolebel - April 18

Thanks Monique!


Kiddolebel - April 27



Rabbits07 - April 28

I had one with my second baby 9actually I had 2). One at 33 1/2 wks and one at 35 wks. With the 1st I was so drugged out on Magnesium I don't remember much, but w/ the 2nd I was a little frightened at first. It turned out not to be all that the others said, no worse pain than getting blood taken. It was kind of "weird feeling" because I could feel the needle going through the layers into the uterus (but it didn't hurt.) There was some slight cramping after, but it wasn't a bad experience in all. Most babies lungs develop by week 36, so you should be good to go. Good luck with your induction.


Karen_Fletcher - April 28

hi, im 20 weeks and had one done last week, i found it quite painful..... especially when they push it into the uterus..... then a slight burning.... but it is done with a big F**K off needle...... Good luck though, then you can have your little baby :o)


Amanda - April 28

Sorry to impose on the question, but I have never heard of one being done so late in pregnancy- What are the reasons for having it done?


Rabbits07 - April 28

check lung maturity


skn331 - April 28

I am glad you asked this question. I have to have one at 36 weeks for the same reason. Doc said if the lungs are not mature, we have to repeat the test every few days till they are mature. I am having a c-section. I have uterine scar tissue from surgery and the scar tissue could rupture during labor contractions.


Kiddolebel - April 28

Thanks for the input ladies. to Karen....My little girl at 33wks was 6lbs 2oz I wont be having a little baby. Im having another fetal growth on monday and drs expect her to be in upper 7s already.


Kiddolebel - April 28

Oh and btw my son 9lbs 6oz when i had him at term, he was also 23 inches long.



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