Anyone Fall During The 3rd Trimester

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d - January 12

I am 7 months today and I was just outside cleaning up after my dog and slipped in the mudd and fell on my side. My thigh just hurts really bad and my arm, I think maybe i used my arm as a instinct by my side. Baby is moving, but they are weird movements. almost like the hiccups but he is laying funny today and the movements all feel closer to my back. My ? is has anyone in here fallen, know of someone who fell. Should I just pay attention for strange things. I tried calling my drs office, but he is already closed for the day.


KMo311 - January 12

i am 37 weeks and i fell down my back stair about a month ago. i slid on my back and i did feel baby move after and i kept track of it. i had appointment two days later and they were mad that i didn't call them right away. i was sent to L&D for a stress test and an ultrasound. they said even if i felt he was ok they needed to check my placenta and other things. call your doctor!


Tammy276 - January 12

When you fall this late in pregnancy you should always call your doctor and if they are not available, then call the L & D unit and talk with them...they may want to you to come in for a nst or a u/s just to make sure that everything is ok.


sahmof3 - January 12

My parents have a hill down to their pool (gra__s-covered). I fell on it onto my back when I was very pregnant (like 38 weeks) with my 3rd child. He was ok. But, if you are noticing strange or different movements, you should be seen... is there an after hours answering service or another # you can call? If not, maybe you should be seen in the ER. Most likely everything will be ok. Good luck!


d - January 12

Hi ladies. I am ok. Went to L&D ward and everything is fine. perfect, no contractions, cervix is high, hard and closed. no spotting, no leaking no nothing. Baby heartbeat perfect, ultrasound fine, placenta fine. Thanks for all your input


sahmof3 - January 12

That's great news!!!


BriannasMummy - January 13

I totally fell when i was pregnant with my dd in November (she was born December 7th). I fell in the shower.. it really hurt!! She is a perfect baby now.. glad to know that everything went well at L&D!!! ~Kristin~


Tracy88 - January 13

D, glad to hear that you are ok. Don't scare me like that again!


DownbutnotOUT - January 14

with my son i slipped in the shower at 32 weeks and had mad contractions start I had to go to the hospital where they stopped the contractions. I was sent home that night and had a healthy son who is now 3 years 7 months old:)


maryl14 - January 15

i fell at 37 weeks and i called the doctor they wanted to check me out if you are noticeing anything weird then i woould go to l&d so that they can monitor your little guy to be on the safe side my sister fell at 34 wks and docotr wanted tocheck her out as well


Carly67 - January 19

I am almost 29 weeks pregnant with my fourth child. With my first I fell twice one really early about three months in the snow on my stomach, everything was fine, then again at the very end of that pregnancy down a half flight of stairs stomach first onto a tile floor and everything was fine, she is a very smart sophomore in college. With my second I had a fall too early in pregnancy and a fall at about 29 weeks and he is fine as well. With my third I fell down the stairs at about 34 weeks and he is fine and all were carried full term. The baby is very well protected. I am glad everything is alright.



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