Anyone Feel Like A Tick Ready To Pop

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Heidi - September 13

God I'm only 34 wks and I feel just huge. Today I went to work and the shirt that normally fits good is just skin tight! And so are my pants. I had to give up on the pair I wore yesterday. Too tight. Now today I can see my fricking undies through these! They used to be huge! So I'm having a miserable day besides having a pounding headache. My legs feel like they're full of fluid. If I just squat down they feel like they're going to pop from the pressure! I was sitting on the floor last night playing with the dog and all I could see was cellulite everywhere on my legs and they felt just fat and full of water or something but they feel so tight! I just feel like a damn tick about to pop! I'm peeing like every 30 minutes too. I'm ready to quit drinking liquids all together to see what happens. Please tell me after labor that all this damn water comes out of me and the cellulite appearances goes away!!!!! I used to weigh 115. Now I'm up to 154 this morning. Good god! I'm just having a bad day. I want to go home and crawl back into bed. I want to go to the gym and work out a little but just the thought of changing into my tight gym clothes makes me want to stay in bed!


Jen - September 13

I know exactly how you feel. Everyday when I wake up I feel like I got my a__s kicked the night before.I swear I can see my belly growing every day. Im scared to get any bigger! I still have 6 weeks to go though :( I don't know how I'm going to finish getting my house ready for the baby, I don't feel like doing ANYTHING. And when I do, my feet start to burn and swell up. God I can't wait till this is over with.


Aisha - September 13

I gained a lot with water. I was fine until about 32 weeks when I just exploded and I know its water because i can look at my feet and see its just 10 yr old said they look like 10 plums(lol). Well Im 38 weeks and I know I CANT get too much bigger. I think you have probably dropped because for me it was the same thing. My maternity clothes just got so tight on my stomach. I was wearing a 7/9 prepregnancy and now Im scared what its gonna be.


Heidi - September 13

Me too!!! My feet always feel itchy and bloated and ache like hell when I start doing housework. Every time I get up to pee at night I feel like I took a tumble down a flight of stairs. Everything aches. I want to get out walking but my feet start to hurt. I dream of 50 degree weather and for fall to get here. We've had a hot Sept already and I'm just sick of it. I swell up all day long it seems. Last night I managed to clean up my computer room and put the pack n play and swing in there and my boyfriend helped clean the house. I just feel super icky today. I want to run home and change clothes. Every time I get up I put this huge long sweater on to cover up my nasty outfit. Ugh!


Kelly to Heidi - September 13

Where are you from that it is so hot? It can't be any hotter there than it is here in Central Florida. It's about 95 and the humidity is killing me. And I'm 37 weeks along. And everything that your saying is just going to get worse. My husband doesn't want me to have another baby because he doesn't want to hear me complain all the time. I can't even put on my own shoes (atleast the shoes that fit) He has to. And it doesn't seem to get any better


Heidi - September 13

I'm in Minnesota!!!!! And the weather here has been hot and humid. Mid 90s all weekend. It's starting to cool off but not enough for me! I'm having a hard time with my shoes too! Oh god! What if I can't get them on in the morning? I'll have to call my boyfriend at work to come help me! Yeah he got fixed last month. I don't want to do this ever again! I pray I go into labor early!!!!


Kelly - September 13

So When is your due date and do you know what you are having? And you seriously don't want to go through this again? I kinda liked being pg until this last month. I want two more, this ones a boy and I'll keep trying for a girl. How long have you and your boy friend been together and he doesn't want anymore kids either. And I thought it was suppose to be cold in Minnesota???


Heidi - September 13

You'd think. In the summer it gets nastily humid up here. We've had an extremely hot summer and fall that's for sure. It's still hotter than normal for this time of year up here. It sucks. No I don't want anymore. I didn't want one but I got one on the way! Ha ha! And that's just fine. My fiance has two girls from his previous marriage so he's done too!!!!! Yep it's a girl.


Barb - September 13 are SOOOOOO funny!!! I just love reading your messages...LOL...I feel your pain, we have the same due date and have gained almost the same weight( I'm 158#) and normally a small size 5-6'm SO sorry! my feet feel like they will pop too...I sit at this computer for a few minutes and they get so tight, nothing fits except my flip-flops..and my tummy...WHOA! It feels like I could just put in a pin in my side and it will "pop" like a balloon ..LOL...hopefully we'll go early Heidi. I don't know how much more I can take either. ..frankly, my husband is sick of hearing me moan too..oh well!


Heidi - September 13

Mine too! He's like, god I don't think you should ever get PG again! I agree 100%. Do you have dreams about not being PG anymore? I do all the time. I dream I'm nice and thin wearing my cool clothes and tight t shirts and looking human again. I feel like I belong in a circus! Ha ha! Well my co-worker just explained how c___ppy he feels today too and he said his wife is home sick so I'm wondering if I'm not catching something as we have the same symptoms. They're something going around lately and I just can't seem to shake out of this haze today. I have to make it till three. I don't want to waste anymore time off!!!! Everyone around here has sore throats and headaches and feels funky like I do today. Good lord! Someone just put me out till Oct. 21st. I just can't see going that long either. Seriously. I'll b__w right up. I'm so scared I'm going to have to have my engagement ring cut off too. It won't come off for nothing but it seems okay still. I just can't imagine puffing up anymore than I already am. I look like a Heffalump! Well at least I'll fit into my nursery theme. Ha ha! I'll hang in there with ya Barb! I know exactly how you feel!!!! I don't think I'll eat or drink anything for days after delivery. I just want to feel normal again. I swear my a__s bone is about to split in two.



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