Anyone Feel Like All They Are Doing Is Waiting For Labor

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Michelle - December 18

I am constantly on these boards hoping for a birth story. Especially one that was a couple weeks early. Just started my 38th week and I feel like I am constantly monitoring every twinge, pain, etc, hoping for labor to start. LOL Driving myself crazy! Just wondering if anyone else is going through the same!


Courtney - December 18

I do the same thing but I am only 33 weeks, LOL. I am just so ready for the whole thing, waiting is the hardest part.


Selena - December 18

I am so there wth you Michelle! I just started my 38th week today and have been dilated to 2cm 60% effaced since 34 weeks. I have been starting to run down the list of possible labor inducers each day. Tried s_x, went for a bumpy ride, and today bought a ton of fresh pineapple. Ihave even been trying accupressure points in hopes to get my little pumpkin in action. My bh are definately picking up in intensity and frequency and yesterday morning I actually thought it was the real thing but after a few hours they faded.


Jaci - December 18

You think you've been waiting long?? It seems like forever for me. I've been 50% effaced since week 25. The dr. put me on bedrest unil 34 weeks. They thought I was going to go into labor early. Now, I've got 5 days until my due date! It's tough when I think that I may go over my date when everyone, including myself, thought I would go early! It's driving me nuts and I'm in so much pain. I can't wait! Have tried s_x, pineapple, bumpy rides, vigorous walking on the treadmill/shopping....NOTHING IS WORKING!!!!! :) I'm so uncomfy!


to all - December 18

If it's your first baby, chances are it will be later than earlier... so settle back. 38 weeks for a first baby is nothing. I remember seeing a post somewhere here recently where the woman was 37 weeks & asking what she could do to induce her own labor. 37 weeks! Turns out she had her baby at 40 weeks & a few days. The end of pregnancy may be uncomfortable, but you have to be realistic. Patience! Before you know it, it'll be over.


dew - December 18

I want to put a rush on my delivery too!! I'm 39 weeks this week and going crazy! My aunt told me to enjoy my last few days of peace, because the day I deliver will be the first day of the rest of my life. I just don't want to be pregnant, I didn't even stop and think that the only way not to be pregnant is to actually have the baby!! I know that sound stupid but it's true. I still want to have my baby ASAP, his room is ready and the house is too. All I need is a baby!!!


Ka__s - December 19

I guess there's a bunch of us huh ? I'm 39 weeks, and due next.. SO ready for this baby to be out! Went to the doc today, I am 1 cm dilated and 50% effaced. Hoping things will speed up! I've measured further along my whole pregnancy. Ultrasound says the 21st, but lmp says 29th!


GD - December 19

Well let me join you ladies.. i am starting my 38 week as well and i am just ready for the baby as well. I keep hoping that i see a bloody show or that my water breaks or something but i guess not. He seems to be quite comfy in there so i am thinking it is not going to happen until who knows maybe first week of January.. eventhough is like 2 weeks ago, it seems like fooooreeeverrrr. Anyway good luck to everyone.. hope to see some birth stories soon!!


Ca__sidy - December 19

I'm on the same boat you guys! Turned 38 weeks this past Sat. Due 12/31. Can't wait! Every day I wake up & my first thought of the day is...."Today could be the day!" I've been driving around with my suitcase and baby's bag in the trunk of my car and the baby's car seat all set up for over a week now. But nothing yet. I've tried lots of s_x (in hopes that it'll "naturally induce" me), but nothing (well I have to admit that that part is also quite fun). Isn't it so terribly sad???


Jennie - December 19

I am will be 39 weeks on Thursday and I am so ready to have this baby too! My husband doesn't understand at all. He wants her here too but is not as bad as me. He keeps saying, "You are due on the 30th, so just relax and wait." Easy for him to say! I have been 50% effaced and only a 1/2 cent. dialted for over two weeks. I walked around the mall on Saturday and am doing all kinds of stuff but nothing is working. I even have a Christmas outfit for her already to wear. I have a feeling that she is going to come after Christmas and after my due date!



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