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jenice - December 18

I'm 30 weeks pregnant, and I have one very active baby in my belly (that or a barrel of monkeys...!). I have to admit, the movements startled me at first (first pregnancy) but I'm getting accustomed. This week baby has learned how to tickle me, and how to use knees and elbows! Now, I'm a short person with a pet_te frame (but only slightly under average), and I already feel like I'm running out of room! I was positive the baby was playing up under my ribs the other night, and I can't sit up properly anymore. Well, I can, but then I can't breathe. I thought I was carrying pretty low, but all of a sudden my torso has run out of space. Please, someone, tell me the baby will grow outwards, and not up further into my ribcage!


evae777 - December 18

Hi Jenice, just like you I am short and small framed. I am 36 weeks and have the same discomfort. Mine has actually dropped head down and he still pushes up against my ribs & I don't believe that any more space will free up from here to D-day! For me, when he moves he doesn't have much room so it physically hurts when he moves an arm or leg. I have given up on hoping for more space since my torso is short too. My SIL is 5 ft 9 and when she was pregnant she didn't have as much discomfort since she has a long torso. Oh well, what can you do?!?! The bundle of joy can be a bundle of misery, but you are almost there, just eat more meals in smaller portions. What state are you in??


jenice - December 18

Yes, I have really learned to eat smaller portions...I've never dealt with heartburn like this before! (new sympathy for chronic sufferers, that's for sure!) What do you mean when you ask what state I'm in? At my last dr's appointment two weeks ago, baby was lying head down, but my dr was pretty sure the head was tilted a little, and the shoulders open (basically, the little stinker is taking up as much space as possible!). I have another appointment on Thursday, and we'll find out if anything has changed. A friend of mine is short too, and her doctor induced her two weeks early because she had no more room! And I just read that a few ladies here on the forum are measuring a few weeks ahead, and so their due dates have been moved I have some hope! Maybe baby will come early! (I think I'd love to have my stomach back!) Nice to know someone else is feeling this short for space though!


JoJo123 - December 19

jenice- i feel your pain girl. I'm 27 weeks and barely 5'4"- i was 125 #'s pre pregnancy. I work in an office and I'm in a chair in front of my computer all day. I can not sit straight up for long periods of time. I find myself moving all over to try to get comfortable and I try to push her down from under my ribs. I feel short of breath at times too and wonder- where in the world is she going to go over the next 3 months. I feel like she's lodged under my ribs and still down low kicking me too. I'm with you and wondering where is there room, hopefully out I guess.


evae777 - December 19

Hi Jenice, Just wondering if you were from the states or from another country. I love this forum because there is alot of diversity so I was just curious.


jenice - December 19

Thanks's just nice to hear from people who are in the same hubbie tries to commiserate ("my back hurts too" he tries), but he doesn't have a midgit inside, and never will! I'm in Saskatchewan, Canada (yay free health care!), and I'm trying not to go nuts with the winter and the snow and the wind. And oh my anyone else getting hot waves, or am I really losing it??!


evae777 - December 19

hehe you made me laugh with the midgit joke!! And yes, I get hot waves sometimes but not so much anymore. I am practically not able to move around because I have gained a little over 25 lbs in my belly. Today I shopped for one hour then had to glue myself to the bed. My hubby is the same way, he has backache, nausea, fatigue. I end up pampering him. doh!! I am trying to not be so nice & start milking the pregnancy thing. Are you ladies having a boy or girl? And Canada! How cool! I visited there once about 7 yrs ago.


Jilloh - December 19

OMG I am hot all the dang time. If menopause is anything like this I am going to be MISERABLE!!!


jenice - December 20

I don't know if little one is a boy or a girl...didn't cooperate at the ultrasound (here one u/s is standard at 18 weeks or so, and they only do more if there are complications), even though the tech looked around for 20 minutes! Makes me think it's a boy! Actually, my gut instinct is that it's a boy, so we'll see... These hot flashes though, they just come on so strong, and I feel like my face is fire engine red and my skin is on fire. And my face sweats. Yuck!


Astra - December 20

I'm small too and when sometimes even lying on my side the little guy decides that I'm infringing on his space and lets me know. Not to mention how he reacts if I cross my legs or sit at the computer and lean forward, then he has plenty to say. I would like to say to him that mommy is feeling cramped too!


JoJo123 - December 20

I'm always cold and I'm still that way. I had a couple hot flashes around 4.5 months or so, but that didn't last long. I'm having a girl, we found that out at 20 weeks and I'm extatic! I love the comment on the midget. I was complaining to my mom that I have problems with her (baby) being so far up there and it hurts my ribs and sometimes I feel short of breath. My mom reminded me that when she was pregnant with my brother (years ago!) that he actually kicked or pushed her rib out and it still sticks out till this day. She was 5'3" and all of 100#'s soaking wet pre pregnancy though. I pray that doesn't happen. Jenice- i'm so sorry that you couldn't find out what you're having. I don't know what I would do - did they make you get up and move around? Our tech checked and told us that b/c of the three white lines on the screen - it was a girl. They had me empty my bladder and double check one more time and confirmed, yes it was still a girl. In the back of my mind, I can't help but wonder are they 100% accurate. I asked my dr. and he said of the 14 years he has been deliverying babies- he was wrong 2 times and both of them were on overweight women (he said not overweight by 10-20 lbs either). So, I'm farely convident that we're having a girl. My family is already considering her part of the family b/c everyone has shopped for her as a person that would be there to open gifts- guess I have lots of gifts to open :) Can't wait to see all the fun stuff and cute outfits.Evea- do you know what you're having?


Jilloh - December 20

Jenice I am with you.....I had a U/S at 18 weeks with no such gender luck. I was on that table FULL BLADDER (they made me drink 24 oz before my arrival and then they had me sit in the waiting room for an HOUR!) with the tech for over an hour and nope nothing no gender showed it's face once, and then it kept showing off it's tiny feet and its b___t! This kid has moved down some from the last time I posted so it's not in my ribs as much but I still get the hot flashes. Hoping for a baby soon!


jenice - December 20

JoJo-congratulations on lo being a girl! My dad is convinced he's having a granddaughter...he had two girls of his own and is sure that they are better! Lucky you with all of those gifts! That's definitely the downside to not knowing the gender-people aren't as willing to buy stuff before the baby is born. Jilloh-how far along are you? I still have about 10 weeks to go, so I've resigned myself to the fact that it's going to be a very uncomfortable 2 and a half months! And this morning I woke up with a bit of a scratchy throat...please please please don't let this be a cold at Christmas! We're driving home for Christmas-6 hours to my folks, and then another 3 to the in-laws. I think it might hurt. But I'm so excited that I don't care!



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