Anyone Find Any Good Birth Announcements Holiday Cards

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Lynn - October 27

I am due right around Thanksgiving & thought I would try to save on time & stamps and combine the holiday cards & birth announcements into one mailing. Has anyone found any birth announcements that do exactly that? and where did you find them? If not, does anyone have any ideas on how to create a birth announcment to slip in the holiday cards - I'm not very crafty to begin with so keep that in ming! Thanks


Steph - October 27

I am also due around Thanksgiving, November 25th, and I am planning on doing the same thing. I am just buying normal Christmas cards (the boxed ones from Hallmark) and then once she comes, I will use one picture of her to slip in the card and also print out off the computer a little announcement on paper about the size of an index card with all her information on it. I will probably get some nicer card stock paper, maybe something with a cute pattern on it. Not totally sure yet, but I have already bought my Christmas cards, just one less thing to have to go out and get once she get here. Let me know if you have anymore questions - if you were looking at doing maybe a photo greeting card, I know you can do a search for them online and find them - they might become kind of pricey though. I know Walmart does photo cards as well as JC Penny's so if you wanted to get a professional picture done and put right onto a Christmas time announcement you could try them. Good Luck!


Angie - October 27

I am due Dec. 1 and I have 2 separate birth announcements all made up- not sure what I want to do. One is using the theme of our babies room (ocean theme) and the other is like a drivers license. I plan on just putting the correct info on them and printing them out on photo paper and putting them in our X-mas cards. Also, something else that I have done it created candy bar wrappers to put around candy bars to give out at the hospital. Since we didn't find out what we are having, I created a generic one for a boy and a generic one for a girl- no detailed info, just ist's a boy or girl and the names we picked out. Let me know if you want to see any of them and I can e-mail them to you.


Christy - October 27

I found something in a catalog (Custom Craft- I got in the mail that serves both as a birth announcement and Christmas card. I also inquired at Papyrus (which I have a feeling will be pricey) and they said they have tons of books I can look through, although I bet there are only a couple that have cards that are both a birth announcement and holiday card. The Papyrus guy also said that some stores sell the cards that you can print yourself with a computer printer, but it is kind of hard to configure. I think I may just get the printed ones from the catalog, even though it is pricey. It'll be worth a few extra bucks if it will save my sanity. :)



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