Anyone Gain More Than Expected And Still Lose It

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Olivene - June 6

Any second or third timers out there who gained more than the recommended 35 pounds, but didn't have much trouble taking it off? I am 30 weeks and have gained about 29 pounds. I am starting to worry a little about what I'll be dealing with after Baby arrives. I am planning to br___tfeed and I was pretty average weight before pregnancy. I'm 33. Any hope?


Olivene - June 6

Oh yeah...this is my first baby!


krista-lee - June 6

well im a first time mom, but my english teacher told me that she gained about 65 pounds, and at her appointment a week later she lost 50


Olivene - June 6

Wow! Krista-lee, that's amazing!


julesnac - June 6

Hello Olivene, with my first I gained about 55 lbs. i lost 30 the day i left the hopsital, and i had a 8lb 13oz boy. i did have A LOT of water retention though. It took me about a year to take off the additional 25 lbs, but honestly i didn't REALLY try hard at it. i'm 25w with my second and i've only gained 10 lbs so far i'm really trying to keep an eye on what i eat. make sure to watch your salt intake that will retain water, it will also make you swell & bloat and be uncomfortable. also drinking enough water helps flush your system in case any of that weight is just water. otherwise---- i'd say you're just having a big baby :-)


Roary - June 6

My mom gained 90 lbs with me (in 42 weeks of pregnancy) and lost it all. When she gained 45 lbs with my little sister she lost it all plus another 10 lbs in very short order. I can only hope I will be so lucky.


Jenn2 - June 7

you would be amazed at how much water weight and blood volume increase can add to those pounds. Then, of course, you have the weight of the baby, placenta, uterus, amniotic fluid, increase in b___st tissue, etc. A good way to know if you are gaining alot of water weight is if you gained allot of weight at once.....that is usually water weight, and can come off really quickly after delivery ( not like loosing fat). Once you feel up to it......just spend a few weeks eating really sensibly and walk, walk, walk......I'm sure the weight will come off no problem.


Roary - June 7

Jenn2 is right. My mother bought me the most thoughtful gift when she found out I was pregnant: an excellent stroller that maneuvers properly in a park (up and down hills etc.) She says the same thing. To lose weight after pregnancy and get your figure back: Start walking, eat sensibly, keep yourself from getting depressed (that just encourages you to eat less sensibly and sit around), and b___stfeed. Though I have heard that b___st feeding has slowed some peoples weightloss down. (Shrug) In either case, It is worth a try. Besides, my dog will love being able to go for long walks again. She doesn't enjoy the late pregnancy languor.


alverran - June 7

Hello Olivene This has been a question of mine as well, I am at 30 weeks and gained 26 lbs. I know how you must feel. This is also my first pregnancy. Each time I go to the Dr. they never comment on it. In fact, I questioned my weight gain at 20 weeks (to see where I was at) and the midwife was more concerned about be becoming an annorexic. Good Luck!


Trish# - June 7

I have this concern too; at 28 weeks I've gained 28lbs. I'm eating so well and exercising (maybe too hard) so I just don't get it. I am gradually learning to trust my body, though. If I'm eating right then the weight should come off more easily than if I was eating junk/fat. My mom gained a lot of water wt and said she lost it right away too. I guess we have no way of knowing how we'll lose the wt until the time comes. Also, I've had a lot of friends tell me that the wt-gain slows down towards the end. I bet we'll both gain under 40lbs which shouldn't be too hard to lose, w/ some effort.


MamaKW10 - June 7

I will be 36 weeks Saturday and I have gained 33 pounds so far! I thought I was doing really bad! But everytime I ask the doctors about it they always tell me my weight gain is fine! I gained 10 pounds in one month though!!! I think it was when I went to my 33 wk appt! I am guessing I have a lot of water weight too. I think it comes off more easily than every expects it too! My friend just had a baby & she gained 30 pounds or more and lost a little over 50 pounds!! (It's been 7 weeks since she had her baby & when she told me that it had only been 5 weeks!!) She was very suprised esp. since she is not b___st feeding! Don't worry about it. Just do like everyone else has said on here about eating well afterwards and walking.


ashley - June 7

Olivene- I am 33 weeks and have gained 36 lbs! With my first pregnancy I gained 30 lbs and lost 50! (no I was not over weight by any means! I just lost a ton of weight and had to work on gaining some back!)


ashley - June 7

you girls sure are lucky, I walked away from the hospital after having my daughter only 6 lbs lighter and my baby was 6 lbs! how that happend I have no clue? I weighed myself during labor and weighed 156. The day I left the hospital on the same scale I weighed 150!


krc - June 7

my friend gained about a 100lbs and her son is now 9 weeks and she has already lost about 80 of that.


se7en_amber - June 8

It all really depends on you. I looked better after having my first child than i did before i got pregnant with her...I was a size 12/14 before i got pregnant...I weighed 170 when I delivered her six months later I weighed 120 and 9 months later i weighed 110. BUT I also ate little to no junk food, ate lots of raw veggies and spicy food, and i ate like six times a day.. I b___stfed until she was 9 months old - that really really helps with the weight loss... i also did winsor pilates after 6 weeks when Lily was napping..the one i did only took 18 min out of the day...just takes work but you can do it :-)


Been There - June 8

I think you can lose whatever you put on. You just have to be focused. Having said that, I don't even ask my weight each time I go to the doctor. It's already aggravating enough when I see my profile in the mirror. I just know I lost weight before and I'm determined to fit back into my prepregnancy clothes. So I'd rather not torture myself with the knowledge of the total weight gain. Ignorance is bliss.


Olivene - June 9

Thanks, gals, for all of the positive comments. I do feel that my body is sort of gaining automatically. I haven't been eating too badly. I do plan to eat well and walk, walk, walk, once she's safely here and i feel up to it. Thanks for all of the encouragement!



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