Anyone Getting Kicked In Couch

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Brandie - October 20

I know that sounds bad, but does anyone else feel like the baby is kicking you in your private area. I was sitting down at work and she started kicking around, all the sudden I could feel it in my area, it felt like there was nothing blocking her foot and my private. It was the oddest thing I've ever felt in my life, and made me very uncomfortable. I could also feel my butt moving. I don't remember this with my first. Is it normal?


JB - October 20

I know what you mean. It started about 32 weeks with me and now I'll be 39 weeks tomorrow. If its a consistent bump, it's probably hiccups. It wasn't as noticeable with my first 2, but he makes his present known. LOL


MJM - October 20

I am 28 wks and this has been going on for a while for me also. It is uncomfortable but there is not a darn thing we can do. As a matter of a fact he decided he wanted to start it up right now. LOL I dont really remember this happening with my daughter either but maybe because she is already 4 1/2. Dont worry. Our little ones are just running out of room and want some new punching/kicking bags.


Brandie - October 20

It's just werid because I'm 29 weeks, so I'm thinking she not suppose to be kicking that hard yet.


MJM - October 20

Our little ones are a lot stronger then we give them credit for. I think it started for me at around 23 wks or so. Dont worry at all. Just another "bonus" to pregnancy


TCM - October 20

Hi - I get the same - he has days when that is the only place he kicks and it is hard to sit still at my desk. I had to spend a whole meeting one day standing 'cos it was so uncomfortable. He seems to have shifted position 'cos I haven't had it for a while - now he is punching my ribs!!!


Jen - October 20

Ladies, when this happens to you does your stomach also get super tight? I think it might be the baby rolling over to a position where his back is up against my belly- it's not tight like a contraction, just super uncomfortable on my skin and muscles...just wondering?


to Jen - October 20

I get the same feeling and I am experienceing Braxton Hicks but there are times when I know its him in there pushing on me. Plus if I am laying down and I feel it he is always raised up on side, I think its his head and he's up looking around because it feels really weird and I can see my tummy move. I've been getting kicked real hard in my belly b___ton and its annoying, my bb is real sensitive and he seems to like to play with it.


mother777 - October 20

i get the same feelining, but i do not know what it is. i am 28 weeks, and my stomach really gets hard and it hurts. it is always right after i eat a nice lunch.


Selena - October 20

My little girl is still sitting breech at 30 weeks and she has been kicking me in the female parts for weeks now. Sometimes they are hard enough to make me flinch, especially if she hits my cervix. This is my first so I don't have anything to compare it to but it really feels as if there is very little holding her up in there when she kicks!


Gina - October 21

I have the same thing. It is killing me. My baby is real low and i feel her moving on top of my bladder, pinching everything. It hurts. I feel like if I felt up there I could feel her head cuz it feels like she is pushing out of me. I am 30w3d.


Brandie - October 21

Well she put me in alot of pain last night. I just don't remember being this uncomfortable with my first. My spine felt like it was going to snap and it hurt even when I took a breath. So my friend and I went walking around the neighborhood and that took all the pain away, and put the little buddle to sleep.


Kate and Baby - October 24

Hi ladies. I am 28 weeks and he is always kicking me down there. I saw someone wrote about hiccups. I am not sure how to differentiate. It feels like he is stepping (not to be rude or gross) but on the inside of my b___t..... It happens all the time. If not all day, more than half of the day. I understand what you are all talking about. Its not that it hurts but its an annoying feeling. Good luck ladies.



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