Anyone Go Natural With Pitocin

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cyclemom - February 13

So my Dr. scheduled me to be induced on the 22nd if I don't go into labor before then. I have been planning on trying to get through labor without meds (my husband and I have taken classes and really practiced the relaxation techniques). I know that being induced with pitocin makes the contractions so much stronger and more frequent. Has anyone gone natrual with pitocin? I've never been through labor, so if i decide I need an epidural, fine, but I would prefer not to have it. Now I am weighing the pitocin and possible epidural with pushing a baby out that is gaining 1oz a day! My mom and my husbands mom had huge babies (between the two of them 6 over 9lbs), so I am also worried about having a big baby. What do you guys think? My Dr. will induce me earlier if I want her to, I just wanted to givemy body a little more time to go on its own, but I would love to hear from anyone who tried goign natural with pitocin. Thanks!


Selena - February 13

I tried but it was just to much for me. About 3.5 hours in I asked for the epi but it took the Dr. another hour before he was available to administer it. That last hour was really bad!


newbabyras - February 14

My niece is currently in labor. Her water broke yesterday morning and they finally had to give her pitocin to get her progressing. I'm 5 weeks behind her and she's taken all the Hypnobirthing cla__ses and LOVED them. I think they had to give her pretty high doses of the pitocin and she ended up getting an epi even though she really wanted to go natural. I think the key is to just stay flexible - those are BIG babies...good luck!


missycc4 - February 14

I was a week over due with my first and had to have pitocin to start. it wasn't as bad as I thought it be. I had newban which just took the edge off the contraction. labor was 8 hours.


Carly67 - February 18

I am 39 and 33 weeks pregnant with my fourth child. I had my first three children totally natural and without feeling the contractions. With the third I was given pitocin because the doctor thought my water had broken completly and it hadn't and he was scared for me to get an infection. I did it natural even jacked up on pitocin which I did not need because at 6 cm he discovered the water was not broken completely and the baby came 15 minutes after that and they were not ready with anything. Anyway I did it natural without any drugs. Hope this gives you inspiration.


San - February 18

I was induced with both of my girls and had (and loved) the epi with my first. I was planning on giving natural a shot with my second and ended up being induced again. I did well for the first 5 or 6 hours then asked for the epi...and it didn't take at all. So #2 was natural and I found that just focusing on my breathing and keeping my face relaxed (as soon as I scrunched it up I felt the pain...weird) it was pretty much bearable. Good luck to you!



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