Anyone Going To Be Induced The Week Of The 24th Or 1st Week

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13 - October 18

Hi My doctor plans to induce me next week sometime (if my cervix is dialated) or the following week. I am a first time mom and am quite nervous about being induced. Not quite sure what to expect. Anyone have any stories?


Tonia - October 18

I'm scheduled to be induced on the 25th but with my cervix dilated at 3cm I'm hoping I will go on my own. I've heard that being induce bring on contractions stronger than what they usually would be. I don't want to feel anything worser than what I've felt with my previous pregnancies. So that's why I hope that I'll go before then.


Jl - October 19

I will be induced on the 25th or 26th if I don't go before then. I hope I go before then too, but I'm not getting my hopes up. I've heard that inducing increases your risk of having a c-section, which I'm okay with. But, I don't really want to go through 15 hours of labor and then get told I have to have a c-section, know what I mean?


michelle - October 19

i am going to be induced on the 28th. more days. i was induced with my first child and i wouldn't have it any other way. i went in at 6am and had her at 6pm everything was planned just like i like it. bever experineced any pain they gave me my epidural at 5cm and i pushed and she was here. i hope it goes that good this time. good luck everything will be fine!!


13 - October 19

i just hope my dr. doesn't plan to induce me on halloween. I don't want my son to have a birthday on a holiday. Here's hopin' i am dialated some when I go see the dr. on monday. Good luck to you all.


Ashlie - October 19

I am due 11-02 and I am being induced with my second little boy on the 26th. I had my third ultrasound today and he is already over 8lbs. My doctor said that my chances of having a c-section are only about 10% and I am only a fingertip dialated and my babys head isnt even in the birth ca___l yet. So only one week to go! good luck ladies. I was induced with my first son and it went perfect, only 8-9hrs of labor.


JB - October 19

Yep, on the 24th... but hopefully I won't make it to that day. I'm due the 28th but he is BIG already. I was induced with my other 2 children, and I loved it. Mainly for the fact that I didn't have to worry about my water breaking at an inconvenient time or my husband not being around. With my first, I went in at 7 the night before, they gave me cervidil and a slow drip of pitocin, at 5 the next morning, my doc came in and broke my water, before 1, I was holding my baby girl. My 2nd was easier, in at 6am baby at 6pm.



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