Anyone Had Pre Term Labor Recently

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sparkles - March 31

I was wondering if anyone has had pre-term labor recently, but are still pregnant? I thought we could compare our experiences. I'm 36 weeks 5 days. I went into pre-term labor the day I turned 35 weeks. Spent 2 1/2 lovely days in the hospital with the docs trying to stop my out of control contractions. Finally, came home on bedrest and meds, but was fighting contractions at home, too. Came off of bedrest and meds when I turned 36 weeks. Now I can have the baby if I go into labor. I just wish this baby would come NOW! But she seems determined to stay inside. For the last week, I have had so many contractions (at least in the hundreds!)that I've lost count. The baby has totally dropped and is pressing down on everything down south. Contractions are now not only uncomfortable, tight, and make my abdomen ache.....but they make me feel like the baby's head is going to pop out my crotch or I have to take the world's biggest c__p! Sex sends me into a fit of contractions, pelvic pressure and achey back-sometimes ALL day long. Everything is wearing down on me and I'm finding myself not enjoying the rest of this pregnancy. Apparently, this is the aftermath that pre-term labor brings. Anyone else going through the same thing?


LoriAnn2994 - April 2

I am 33 weeks along and currently on Bedrest with Meds. I am dilated to 2 and 50% thinned. This happened with my first pregnancy too. I had my first at 36 weeks,... she was fine. I have had the same symptoms as you,. My MD wants me on bedrest for 2 more weeks then she said she will let me go. I will be 35 weeks then. Just waiting till then.


Tess - April 2

Hi sparkles. Sounds really, really painful :( Im 33 wks along and thank goodness I can still go out for a walk, drive and do some chores around the house. I have to be careful though bcoz Im always in pain afterwards....(tired and sore) most of the time its lower back pain :( In regards to the contractions you were feeling..does the pain starts from the back goin front, what does it really feels like? Is it worst than BH? I haven't had any internals yet so Im not sure whether my little girl has "drop" yet. Thanks!


sparkles - April 2

LoriAnn2994, I hope you make it to 36 weeks. If you go back into labor, will your md try to stop it or just let you have the baby? Are you getting contractions 24/7, too? And if so, are they painful or not? Tess, I'm not in excruciating pain-just really, really uncomfortable. The contractions I'm getting (which feel just like the ones I was having when I was in labor) are really strong braxtons. I get really achey with them. At night I get them a lot and rolling over or moving will cause ones that feel like the beginning of period cramps. I do get pain in my back and lower abdomen with the contractions I have after s_x. Any "play" time sends me into a fit of contractions and those seem to be different than the ones I've been getting 24/7. They are really strong and intensify for several hours before letting up. Several times now I have thought the it was real labor starting. As far as dropping, everyone is different. You will probably know if your girl has dropped. I started having lots of pressure down south and I can actually feel the head pressing on my cervix and rectum-especially with my contractions. I have read that 36 weeks is about the normal dropping time. So your baby may not have dropped yet. Well, I plan on having some "play" time to see if I can give things a kick start. I figure it brought on labor once, why not a second time. Plus, my ob said the same thing. So wish me luck!


sparkles - April 2

LoriAnn2994, I meant 35 weeks-not 36 weeks. And will your md let you go if you go back into labor before then? Sorry, my brain doesn't seem to want to work tonight!


luvmyboys - April 3

Hi Sparkles, I had pre-term labor at 35 weeks as well. It wasn't as bad as yours, I was at the hospital for a couple of hours on monitors before they stopped on their own. But I hear ya about feeling so terrible the week afterward. I felt just awful. But very slowly I began feeling better, all the aches went away, the braxton hicks stopped and now here I am 9 days overdue! But if your symptoms aren't quitting, I would say you will probably have your baby soon. Hope things get better for you!


LoriAnn2994 - April 3

This am when I got up I think I may have lost part of my mucous plug. It was a jelly like green blob in my underwear. I am still having some cramping and back pain even taking the brething and on bedrest. I go today to have another internal.


Heather W - April 3

Hit there, all. I am 32 weeks tomorrow...and I had to have a steroid shot on thur and fri. due to what they thought was my water out of 4 tests came back they say nooneed to worry . I still am...but they say if you can get to 34 . has a great chance of not being in the hospital too long. this your 1st? Because usually you'll lose your plug early (2 weeks) before delivery if 1st or 2nd..But I heard that usually just before if other pg. You are pretty close to I'm sure you two wouldn't be in the hospital too long. What meds did you have tyo have?


sparkles - April 3

I started getting lots of contractions this evening when I was active and standing a lot. I don't know if I can take all the pressure down there! Each contraction makes me feel like there is a bowling ball pressing on my b___t, but there's nothing I can do about it. I really hope I go this week! Doesn't the baby drop about 2 weeks prior to L&D in first time mommys? I've read 2-4 weeks in one book, but then mostly 2 weeks every where else. I've already lost my plug 2 weeks ago, the baby dropped 9 days ago, I'm at least 2 cm. dilated and 70% effaced-probably more now, constant contractions and major pressure down south. The end has to be soon, don't you think? I'm going to try s_x tonight and see if it brings on labor.



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