Anyone Had Their Water Break

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J - September 27

Have any of you had a previous pregnancy where your water broke? If so, did it just happen spontaniously, or was the baby really moving/pushing around in there? Just curious what you were doing when it happened...


nat - September 27

HI my midwife checked me and found I was 8cm and could see that I was about to burst, she broke the waters, so that it would not happen on the way to the birth centre. My baby was not moving or pushing much during the first stages of labor at all. I had been awake most of the night with cramps in my side, mostly standing and walking around.


lyn - September 27

mine broke at home, but broke at the top so I really wasn't sure if it really broke until I got to the hospital and they checked. The baby moved around like normal though after it broke.


Amy - September 27

In my first pregnancy, my water broke. I was 2 days past due and I had been up cleaning or something (I can't quite remember.) But I sat on the couch to relax and I felt a little pop in my back. I sat up and my water gushed all over. I hurried up and ran to the bathroom. Then we went to the hospital and my little girl was born 6 hours later. I still didn't have strong contractions for about an hour or so after my water had broken. I can't remember if she was moving around alot or not. It was 3 years ago. Hope this helps.


da__sy - September 27

got out of bed to go to the toilet,half asleep,water broke as soon as i stood up


heather - September 27

i would like to know the same question. I hope my water breaks so i will know for sure its time to go to the hospital. Instead of wondering if this is it all the time.


J - September 27

I hope mine breaks too...I just want to be sure that it's time...I wish there was something I could do to make it break now!!!


Barb - September 27

unfortunately..only 15% have their water break on their own.More often than not (the other 85%) have their water broken at the hospital...that's how it was for both of my pregnancies...stinks doesn't it?? LOL...


laura - September 28

hey J my water broke one night when i was sitting on the couch watching jenny jones, i stood up to get a gla__s of water and right when i stood up i felt water dripping down my leg. i thought that maybe i just peed myself, so i went to the bathroom and sat on the toliet. the water kept dripping when i wasnt pushing, so i layed down, and it still was dripping so i figured this was it. i too had always wondered if ''this was it" and i had went to the hospital like a week before thinking that i was in labor, only to be sent home. i think that maybe having my doctor sc___pe my membranes two days before really helped thin out my cervix. also i walked in the mall every day for the past week, before my water broke..... sorry this is so long, but i hope it helps.. how far along are you....?


? - September 28

I was asleep when it happened. I'm not sure if the baby was active or not. I only know I wasn't, lol!


? - September 28

I also don't recall anything out of the ordinary happening before I went to bed.


Julie - September 28

My water broke with my first son a couple of days before my due date. I had just been to the doctor a couple of days before and was discouraged because I had only dialated 1 cm. The day my water broke I had been shopping with my mom, had a nice lunch, came home and went for a walk on the beach with my husband. I came home and got into bed and felt something wet between my legs. I wasn't quite sure what it was so I got up and went to the bathroom and the water just kept coming out. I was was always under the impression that once your water broke it just all came out at once. Well that wasn't the case the water kept coming out for about the next hour until I got to the hospital. I didn't really feel any different movement with the baby it just happened so fast.


J - September 28

Hey Laura, I'm 37 weeks, but I've been on bed rest for about a month and a half, taking meds to control contractions the whole time. So, I thought that as soon as they took me off the meds, I would go into labor. I've been off the medicine for a week now, and nothing. I think the waiting at home and the expecting to "go" right after I got off the medicine has made me more impatient. I, like all of us, am just ready to hold my little bundle, and see the face of the person that has been kicking my ribs all this time!


chel - September 28

My water broke with both pregnancies. Both times I had gotten up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and soon as I laid back down, it gushed. It was alot of water. Contractions also started immediately with both. I still can't believe how much water there was. Everything was soaked. As I walked into the hospital, I was leaving a trail of water behind me. And, no, a pad would not soak it up.


heather - September 28

Oh I am so happy to hear some of your stories. It makes me so excited. Everytime I wake up to pee i hope my water breaks. Last night i felt so much pressure in my back and stomach. I felt like i could go anytime but they slowed now.


J - September 28

Heather, how far are you?


MK - September 28

My water broke with my 2nd and last pregnancy! It just happened! I just gave birth to my son on the water broke at 11:05 pm and with my 2nd...a broke at 1:30 am! First a little gush and then every time I turned around I was leaking more and more! When it happened I knew:)



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