Anyone Hating Sex

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kate - September 10

I don't know but I haven't enjoyed s_x since I got pregnant. First Morning sickness and s_x don't mix, and now at 31 weeks preg. Its not comfortable...I am not enjoying it at all....I dread the thought actually. I feel bad for my husband but I can't help it. I do, do it once in awhile just for him, but I don't tell him that, and I am hating every second of it. What's wrong with me??? I am 38 yrs old, first pregnancy, and only been married for about 7 mths...I love him with all my heart but I just don't want to have s_x right now...and as far as touching my no no...I have a problem with that also....I feels gross....anyone else like this????


Joe - May 31

Came across your question.My wife is getting to be the same way. Try rear entry, it's easier on the woman, and just do it sparingly. Talk to him, and he'll understand.


jackie - May 31

welcome to my world! i know exactly how you feel!!! i'm 36 weeks, and we have s_x like ever 3 weeks i feel bad. last time i enjoyed it more, but some of the times before that i didnt, tho i didnt tell him either. it's very uncomforable when your body is going though all these changes, and then he starts with the nipples and you feel all werid like eww get off me! its hard bc i love him and i want to please him, so what i do is i go down. it makes him happy and i dont get the uncomfortableness of having s_x. dont worry it's normal, and it happens to some woman. good luck.


Eva - May 31

Very normal. Right now there is only one thing coming in or going out, and that will be the baby coming out!!!


kate - June 5

Thank you everyone for your answers.......I hope to hear more...


lynn - June 23

I feel your pain im 32wks and i will not let my hub touch me thank God 4 under standing men


Caralee - June 28

My husband has a hard time enjoying it if he knows I don't so we stopped when I was about 25 wks. I'm 33 wks now. It hasn't hurt him one bit and he's been very understanding. I know he's going to attack me the second the dr. says it's OK after the baby's born. Probably get me pregnant again in the first month. God forbid!


Cynthia - June 30

no i dont hate s_x...s_x hates hurts so bad and i dont know why expecially when i get an orgasim so i dont really do it much no more now since hurts like that.


Cynthia - June 30

no i dont hate s_x...s_x hates me..well actually it just hurts when i try for a orgasim or doing it in certain positions so i havent really been doing it lately and i am 32 weeks


Lucy - July 6

Nothing is getting in!!! and hopefully only one thing is coming out in a few weeks. Although at the moment i am very atracted to my partner and want to be intimate with him more than ever, but im just to nervous so i try to please him in other ways, and as for the suggestion about rear entry, is that man really communicating with his wife!!!!!!!!!


JEN - July 7

I would like to say that I am 6 months pregnant and I crave s_x more now than I ever have. My husband and I dont have s_x alot and it never bothered me but now it seems to be an issue? I dont know if it is because I am in need of it more now than before but it really bothers me. I feel as if he is scared to or he just doesn't want to have s_x with me now. I dont want to pressure him about it but it does bother me alot.... any suggestions???


jen - July 7

I am hating the fact that I'm not having it! I dont know why but the past couple of months I have been more appealed to making love with my husband. The only problem is that he is not that interested??? I dont know if hes scared to or if he just doesnt want to and I dont want him to feel as if Im pressuring him into it either. It really bothers me and I dont really know the best way to go about this??? Any suggestions???


Monique - July 29

THANK GOD ITS NOT ONLY ME!!! i was starting to feel so bad for my husband i thought i was the only weirdo and i was honestly getting worried i had lost my s_x drive. Most people told me having s_x during pregnacy was awesome but now that i am 27 weeks pregnant i try anything to not have s_x. i dont want my babes to think its anything against him just that i dont feel s_xy thank god hes been some what understanding...he still asks for it knowing i will say "please not today i am not feeling it"


julie - July 29

as you can see you're not alone. i am 24 years old, 33 weeks w/ 1st child and I haven't wanted to have s_x since... right after morning sickness!! Even then in was only once. It is just way to uncomfortable and tight that it's not even pleasurable. Like you I feel bad for my hubby, but he is soo wonderful & understanding. I couldn't go thru this pregnancy w/o him. A little advice though, still take the time to let him know you admire him AND desire him. Spend any time you can just being close.


truth hurts - August 10

AMEN sister I understand, i am the same my boyf keeps slapping my a__s n grabbing my b___sts as they r bigger... it all hurts even more. tell hubby to sleep in the shed 4 the next 8 months n get a vibrator (not a powerful 1). also, talk to ur hubby, he should understand. however, keep an extra eye on him as he may go searchin for underage ho's like so many desperate men. good luck.


b4evrtru26 - August 17

you going through this same thing with my wife... and to tell you the sux. My needs mean absolutely nothing no matter how hard i try to explain it. I fel for all the men who have the strength to hold out for it. I would love just 5 min of intimacy and be good for a week but it seems thats too much. Good way to loose someones love in my eyes....maybe im selfish...maybe not... but i think that when your having a child... its not just the women who suffer....


JAJ - September 10

Im 33 weeks preg and I don't hate s_x but its definetly not as comfortable as it used to be. I also don't like for my nipples to be touched very often because they are sensitive. My husband is very understanding though. We still have s_x on occasions. Its alot more comfortable for me on top though. You might want to try that! :)



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