Anyone Have A Problem With Snoreing

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Court - November 27

Since the middle of my second trimester I have been snoreing while I sleep. I never used to snore before, but now it is so bad my DH and I cannot sleep in the same room. Is anyone else experienceing this? Any advice or remedies?


dew - November 28

try gettng a humidifier, I had the same problem for some time. It' s the only thing that worked. Good luck.


shelley - November 28

I have the same problem. My husband said it is so bad, he usually ends up on the couch. I wish I knew how to stop!!!


jb - November 28

Yes, My husband has been complaining lately. I am just so tired. I think it might have something to do with the weight gain too. You could tyr those breath right strips that you put on your nose. My husband snores really bad, so he just grins and bears when I do it. Ive had to live with it this long i just tell him to get over it. :o)


Stephanie - November 29

I'm in the same boat. Will this go away after we have our babies? I never snored before I was pregnant, and now my hubby tells me I wake him up!


Kimmy - November 29

YES! And it is completely normal in pregnancy. I never really snored pre-pregnacy, just the occasional position would make me, or being drunk before bed...But starting in my 7th month, my hubby complains of me snoring all the time. It has to do with increased blood flow and being the increased weight gain.. It will go away post-pregnancy, don't worry!


Court - November 29

What a relief! I am glad to be rea__sured it is just a late pregnancy thing. Thanks for the replies.


Ca__sie - November 29

I've never had trouble with snoring, but a day or two ago, hubby told me that for the first time I was snoring at night! I'm 38 weeks though and this just started... hoping it goes away after baby arrives.


Stephanie - November 29

Oh thank god. I woke myself up with a loud snort while napping on the couch today. Now that's bad when you're waking yourself up snoring.


nic nac - December 4

yes i have been having that problem too. my hubby has to sleep in the other room in the middle of the night because he can't take the snoring. I tried the breathe right strips and they don't work at all. also, i researched snoring and pregnancy on the web and all the websites that popped up said that snoring during pregnancy is normal but it could be a sign of hypertension and could lead to fetal mortality and growth retardation. Now i am scared to death. Being pregnant is not turning out to be the pleasurable experience like i thought. If anyone finds out info. on snoring being dangerous during pregnancy, please share. thanks.


bump - December 5



nic nac - December 6

i went to the doctor today and told her about my snoring and she said it is totally normal and not to worry about it being a__sociated with hypertension or growth retardation because my blood pressure and normal.


ally - December 6

I am convinced that snoring is because your not comfortable or sleeping properly. My DH said I have recently started snoring. I am very uncomfortable at night I toss and turn all night long. He only snores when he is in a bad position and as soon as I kick him he moves and then stops. I think the only way to stop it is you have to find a better sleeping position or have to wait till the babys born.


nic nac - December 7

ally, when my husband snores i rub his arm and he switches positions and the snoring stops. But when i switch positions it doesn't work. I think the only solution is waiting until the baby is born. I went to the dr. yesterday and she said that snoring was normal and nothing to worry about.



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