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Monika - September 5

My son is 2.5 years old- and he has suddenly gotten very clingy. He doesn't want Daddy to do anything for him- only me. He is constantly grabbing me and he cries when I leave the room! This is not in his personality. He even cries when he falls, something that is not usual for him. I don't think he fully understands that there is a baby coming soon, although we try to explain. His vocab skills are too weak to know for sure. Anyone else going through this?


N - September 5

I can sort of relate... My son just turned two about three weeks ago. He's always been a mommy's boy, but lately he doesn't want anything to do with dad, or anyone really, if i'm there. Or else he's the complete opposite, and if someone else is there, he ignores me like i'm not even there and won't listen to a thing i say. We have been trying to explain in a million ways that we are having a baby.. we bought books, we're getting all of our old baby stuff back, he's even felt the baby move, but i still don't think he fully understands. He knows what babies are, of course, and he loves them, but he doesn't understand how there is one in my belly. All of a sudden though, he has refused to use the potty (didn't have him near trained before, but atleast he used it once in a while).. to make matters worse, we're moving in a month, just before the baby arrives.. so there will be alot of changes for the poor little guy soon, and i feel awful. I am trying to make this transition as simple as possible, but i still don't know how he'll take it (crib to toddler bed was quite the challenge).. i hope we find someone who has done this before, any advice would be GREAT right now..


laura - September 6

hey, i have a son who just turned 2 on the 22nd of august, and he too has been very clingy. hes always been sort of a mommas boy, but sometimes when other people are around, he will completly ignore me and act as if im not even there. his vocab, is also kinda weak, and he cant even say baby yet. hes more of a hands on guy. if he wants something he will point to it, or get your attention, and take you to whatever it is that he wants done. i too have had a horrible time trying to get him to use the potty. he knows what "Pee pee" means. if i say the word he points to it, or grabs it. i think i may have screwed up by teaching him that word for his privates. i guess im just going to have to get him used to saying "potty" for pee. i feel like maybe i might have confused him. i will keep him with no diaper and sit next to him for it seems like forever. trying to get him to go in the potty. just when i give up and think he doesnt have to go , ill put back on a diaper, and low and behold, 2 secs later hes peeing in it! its just hard to know exactly when hes gotta go. i heard boys are harder to potty train though. well anyways any ideas on that subject would help. now another big issue is this new little brother of his that will be here in 4-6 weeks. i watched one of my girlfriends babys over night . hes 4 months old.! and that was a night to remember. iam happy to say that my son was honestly a big help. if he dropped his binki he would put it back in his mouth. give him all kinds of toys to hold on too. but when it came time to feed the baby a bottle, or if i was just sitting with him on my lap . my son would try and scoot the baby away, and take his place on my lap. i had to keep pushin him away, so he wouldnt crush the baby. im just worried that he will feel so neglected when the baby comes. ill be b___stfeeding, so hes not going to be able to always have me at his every beck ~n~ call. also when the night came, i got them finally both in bed, when the baby woke up, my son woke up to see what all the fuss was about. i hope to god that this doesnt happen. my son hardly ever would wake up in the middle of the night. but i guess he also never had to hear another baby crying either...... anyway needles to say, i couldnt wait till the babys mother came to get him... i was sooooo tired... it almost makes me scared to think about what is yet to come. i know it will all work out . we'll all find a routine, and it will become part of our daily duties. good luck on your pregnancies. how far along are you guys?


Monika - September 6

Potty training has still not happened for us (he is 2.5). We moved last month into a bigger house. The transition was fine. He got bunk beds and really enjoys the new bed. Elmo sleeps on the top bunk :).Potty training had slowed- but really he wasn't ready. I found a book on potty training called "Mommy, I have to go potty"- and it is really helpful. It describes how to know when they are ready. There are 4 different components and we have just now reached most of them. He wear big boy pants- but doesn't complian when they are wet or dirty. That is a big sign that he is not ready. So we still try. It will happen. He is getting better everyday. When you are preg., it's hard to have patience. My son will push babies off of my lap to make room for himself. He gets into the baby's nursery and tries to play in the crib. He also tries to get into the ba__sinet. I worry- but we will not have a solution until it is faced with us. I feel like I also need to protect him from the baby.I don't want his feelings hurt- but I think it is also an important lesson in life. I am due anyday. (Friday to be exact). I go to the MD today to see if I have made progress (2cm, 80% effaced last two weeks). I will let y'all know how the whole newborn thing works out with him. I might find a solution before you have your babies.


Amy - September 6

I have a daughter that turned 3 on August 4th. She is very excited about the new baby. She is always telling me what she is going to do with the new baby, and things she wants to share. I wouldn't be worried about not having a 2 year old potty trained. Mine just turned 3 and is finally almost potty trained. It was a long hard road for us but we have managed to get it going. Im not due til October 9th, and already the baby is the only thing my daughter talks about. She loves her baby, which she calls by name. I wouldn't worry too much, it is normal for a child to become clingy. That is their way of telling you that they still want the attention. They hear us talk about the baby all the time, maybe they think that we are talking about them, so they act like babies. Try to help them understand and just be patient. One thing that has worked for me and my husband is to set up mommy and toddler time. When we do the things that she likes to do, and we don't talk about the baby. My husband has his time with her too. She really enjoys it. We plan on continuing after the baby comes too. Good luck to you all. We will get through this.


Jbear - September 7

I just had my second baby three weeks ago. My first daughter is three and a half. I read a lot about preparing the older child for the baby. I read books about being a big sister to my daughter, I got her a big sister present, I had my husband buy a birthday cake for the baby and share it with our daughter. I made sure I wasn't holding the baby when my three year old came to see me in the hospital. I would love to be able to say it all worked, but she hasn't adjusted that well. One of the first days I was home with the baby, my older girl punched me in the jaw when she saw daddy holding the baby. A couple of days later she threw a stick at me while I was feeding the baby. That same day, she was crying on the toilet, saying, "People don't love me anymore." I don't know if there's any way to really prepare a toddler for a new baby. Even if they understand the concept and seem excited about it, it's still a shock when it becomes a reality. She's starting to calm down a little bit, but she still demands something from me every time I sit down with the baby. Oh, I didn't get her fully potty-trained until about two months ago. The way I did it was to let her run around bare on the lower half. It took me about two weeks until she was potty-trained at home, and another month until she would use toilets in other places (and now she uses every toilet everywhere we go, it's frustrating). If you decide to use the bare-b___t method, stock up on paper towels and carpet shampoo and patience first :-)



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