Anyone Have A Transverse Baby Sideways

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momofboyz - February 26

I am 36 wks. and my doctor did an ultrasound. She said he can still turn. Anyone have this happen?


Jadejewels - February 26

I'm 34 weeks and my baby is head down at the moment but has turned that way about 3 times so far since he had first went head down. My doctor told me that as long as he stays down from 37 weeks on everything should be fine so I guess you still have a week to play with. If he doesn't go down on his own maybe that can turn him from the outside. Goodluck :)


AshleyandAverysmom - February 26

Both my girls were like that, I had c-sections b/c I didnt want to risk any problems with the Dr's turning them.


BriannasMummy - February 26

I just had a baby December 7th. She was transverse for weeks and weeks and weeks. On the day of my c section.. 10 minutes before they cut me open.. she turned head down. They gave me surgery at 39 weeks, because of the way she was positioned if my water were to break she would have dropped onto her umbilical cord. It wasnt that bad.. because of her positioning it was hard for them to measure her. They told me she was going to be 10lbs plus.. she came out 6lbs 4oz. The final outcome was my beautiful baby girl! Good Luck ~Kristin~


momofboyz - February 27

thanks so much. I have had two v____al deliveries with my boys. This is so unusual for me. Both my kids were head down at about 34 wks. and didn't move! I was a little nervous when I started researching the subject. I am hoping he turns. I have another u/s scheduled for next Mon. to see if he has moved. My doctor didn't seem so concerned she said he has plenty of room and plenty of fluid. I also read that if you carry around a toddler it can cause this? I have a 16 month old who is on my hip. I will try not to lift him as much within the next few weeks.


Carly67 - February 27

I am 34 weeks with my fourth baby. It is funny because at a 12 week ultrasound they told me he was breech and every ultrasound since then ( and I have had a lot he has always been head down. All my children were head down from early on and really never flipped to head up or breech but would turn sometimes face facing spine, face away from spine but always head down. I guess that is why I always found it funny when people would say, "oh the baby is head down, I am getting close>" because my babies were always in that position. Speaking of positions I just saw an episonde of TLC's A Baby Story and a mother giving birth for the fourth time totally natural in a tub reached down and told the midwife I feel his head and the cord. The midwife pulled her out of the tub becaus the baby's face was coming out first and the baby was over 9 lbs. They got her in the bed and it was frantic but the baby was delivered. The midwife said that in all the births she has attended this was only the 3rd time she had seen anything like that and that the woman was really lucky to have delivered that baby v____ally. The baby whole face was swollen and bruised. The mother was so calm as they moved her from the tub with the head almost out of her to the bed. Watching it has really made me think and get a little nervous my husband too.



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