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kristy - August 23

Hi, I am currenty 29 weeks almost 30 I went for my ob visit last week and I gained 8 lbs in a month witch i already gained 20 lbs, Doctor said i was measuring big so i get another ultra sound, IM scared that something is wrong I have had 2 other boys with them i gained alot but never 8 lbs a month.. this is also a girl 95% sure and I thought with girls u didnt get that big, Im scared any advice would be great!! oh yeah i have no swelling and my blood pressure is fine too...


Amie - August 23

gaining weight, one of the funnest parts of pregnancy. Well with me I only gained about 35 lbs with my first two. But with this third pregnancy I went from 125 to now 180...big gain. Luckily I shouldn't gain much more, only a couple weeks left. Anyway if the dr didn't seem concerned then you're probably ok. Blood pressure and no swelling are good signs. But if you are worried then the best person to ask is the dr, thats what they are there for. :)


BJA - August 23

hi i'm 36 weeks and if it makes you feel better i'm also pregnant with a girl and 2 doc visits ago they told me i gained 13lbs in 2 weeks!!!!! they checked my BP ansd urine for protein and said everything was ok just i shouldn't have that much weight gain. but i'm also very swollen in my feet and legs. being pregnant is so interesting


Kristy - August 24

Hey thank you so much for answering, I am going today for a ultra sound im just worried I hope everything is fine, this pregnancy has been crazy at first i didnt know i was pregnant for like 2 months, then I was told I had a subchronicle bleed but that has heeled the doctor said only thing that could result from that was loss of baby so I made it past that.. THank god! Hopefully all is well today I dont go back and see the doctor for another 2 weeks .... THey should beable to tell me something today im hoping, I also hope it dont turn out to be a boy lol... I have 2 of them lol.... THanks so much!!!


Jennifer - August 24

I started out at 117 lbs. The most I gained in one month was 15 lbs....which is alot! I am now up to 170 with a month to go, but my doc says everything is fine and Im healthy as can be. No need to worry about gaining weight.



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