Anyone Have Bad Rib Upper Back Pain

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ARD - May 5

I'm 29 weeks and have been experiencing rib pain (right underneath my br___ts) and back pain which would be directly on my back where it hurts in the front on my ribs. I haven't experienced any lower back pain, just upper (under my shoulder blades - almost in the middle of my back)...anyway, I was just wondering if any of you ladies are experiencing the same thing?? Its also hard to sleep because (although I am a side sleeper) my back really hurts and I have to shift sides all during the night. Could it just be the baby or my uterus thats pressing against these places?


tlew - May 5

ARD I experienced the same thing around the same time as you. the dr. told me it was the baby's head pushing against my rib. Since he's head down I no longer feel that rib pain but I still have back pain everyday.


Evonna - May 5

Sometimes those rib pains are from the baby kicks and the back pain is very common is pregnant women. I also have trouble sleeping, because im either short of breath from laying on my left side, heartburn or i have back pain. Your baby is getting bigger week by week and farther along your pregnancy, more uncomfortable it gets.


Nita_ - May 5

ARD - i remember experiencing rib pain right around the time you are. I was soo worried one day I called the dr, and she said its because of the baby kicks. My ribs don't hurt so often anymore, but have had back pain since my 2nd trimester and shifting from side to side at night is a big task! But we'll all get through this and have wonderful babies, just remmeber that. :)


Shannah - May 5

I am only 26 1/2 weeks but I have had the rib pain since 18 weeks on the right side so bad just under my b___st as well. It feels bruised if you touch it and also my back around that area. It is common my doctors said and it is the ribs expanding to make room for the uterus and some people just experience more pain. I am hoping mine will go away soon!


Nina - May 5

I was also told it was from the ribs expanding, it's definitely very uncomfortable but it goes away after a couple of weeks if I remember correctly.



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