Anyone Have Had A Pinched Nerve

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Deb - March 22

Hi girls, I am 24 weeks and I have a pinched nerve in my back due to the pregnancy. It affects my left leg and can cause my leg to have excruciating pain and numbness. My doctor says it will probably work itself out by third trimester, but the chiropractor feels otherwise. I was just wondering if there is anyone else who has gone through this and if it got any better later in the pregnancy. Any suggestions on how to aleviate the pain would be helpful too!


Higgy - March 22

I had a pinched sciatic nerve in my 2nd trimester. Going to the chiropractor actually helped quite a lot and it went away after about 3 weeks. But I think it might be coming back now :( I am 31 weeks.


Drew - March 22

I am having problems with sciatica...a similar problem, and it went away for a couple weeks around 30 weeks, but now at 34.5 weeks, it's back worse than ever. I won't use a chiropractor, so I don't know much about that, but I do know that heat does help. Also getting on all fours is a huge help, it takes the weight of your uteris and baby off the area and just lets it hang, swimming is good also for the lack of gravity . Ma__sage is great, especially if you can get counter pressure on the area, and of course Tylenol if it helps. Good luck, I know how uncomfortable this can be!!


Deb - March 22

Thanks a lot for your responses. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one dealing with this. I'll try the "all fours" thing. So far with chiropractic and pregnancy ma__sage, I haven't had much relief.


TDP - March 28

OMG, I am experiencing the same thing, i hurt my back by a fall in the ARMY and every month my back goes out, now since I am 32 weeks it affects my leg ,it kinda burns my legs ,its hard to stand up and stand up straight, the pain lasts usually for about a week, I have been out since Sunday so i should be feeling better soon,this is aweful.



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