Anyone Have Had Gallbladder Problems

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Sabrina - June 15

I have a sonogram tomorrow to determine if I have something wrong with my gallbladder because of a burning pain in my upper right abdomen. The Dr. made me nervous by telling me if it's bad it may have to be removed before the baby is born with a long incision along my rib, if not, an easier method with cameras can be used. I have looked all over the net for more information about risks and complications of gallbladder problems while pregnant and have found little. I also have not been able to find anything about long term side effects of it being removed. I mean part of my body is being removed, wont that affect something somehow? Anyone that's ever had problems or surgery (especially while pregnant) I'd appreciate your comments!


Chris - June 16

After my 1st baby I had gallbladder surgery. Apperently I had gotten 16 gallstones from being pregnant. I had the surgery after my baby was born. I didn't know I even had gallstones until after I had the baby. My surgery was done with 3 small incisions, 1 through the belly b___ton, 1 through the right side, & 1 in the middle of my stomach. All scars are barely noticable. They are very tiny. Good Luck!


Shelly - June 18

Hi Sabrina, sorry to hear you may have gallstones.I have been corresponding with Tami she just had hers removed on monday.I'm 32 weeks along and still dealing with it.Go back by Q/A and instead of clicking on third trimester go to gallstones during pregnancy and between me and Tami we may be able to help some!!!!!!!!!


Shelly - June 18

I ment go to pregnancy complications and then to gallstones during pregnancy!!!!!!!!!


Tami - June 20

Hey Sabrina, I am the one who just had surgery last Monday to have my gall bladder removed. How far along are you? Come over to pregnancy complications and go to the gallstones site so Shelly and I can talk to you! They did open surgery on me but the incision wasn't along my rib. They went in my upper abdomen to remove it. I was 25 weeks along at that point, and they had to do the surgery becuase a stone was lodged in the ducts and was effecting my liver. If it isn't serious they may opt to put you on a low fat diet until you deliver like they did to Shelly. The surgery went fine, and I am recovering nicely. There was a risk of preterm labor and I did start having contractions after, but they stopped them and I have been fine and recovering ever since. If you are in your second trimester, that is the safest time for them to perform any surgery. The baby isn't too big, but is also developed so the anesthesia won't effect him/her. If you are in your third trimester, the risks of preterm labor goes up, but your baby has a higher chance of survival! There is no side effects of having it removed-your liver just takes over instead of the bile going through the gall bladder. Digestion is a little bit quicker. My father-in-law had his gall bladder removed about 6 years ago and he is fine. After that you can still eat whatever you want! Good luck, and let us know what is going on!



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