Anyone Have O NEG Blood Type

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Dia - December 5

Hi ladies. I just got back from my first u/s and they told me that my blood type is O negative, which is good because I can give anyone blood, however I have to have a shot at 28 weeks just in case my blood interacts with the babies. I really don't understand this and what will happen if not treated. Anyone have any advice? Thanks!


Michelle - December 5

I got that shot with my 2 pregnancies. It is because of your Rh is neg. Because they can't tell what the baby's blood type is, they give you a shot. If your Rh type is neg and the baby's is positive, you can form antibodies to your baby's red blood cells which will destroy the blood cells of your next Rh positive baby. This puts the baby at risk of developing a serious form of anemia. So, it is a good thing to get the shot. It doesn't really hurt, just a pain. I hope this helps


Tara - December 5

I also have O neg. blood. I'm not sure what would happen if you didn't get the shot, but I just do what my doctor says so I don't put the baby at risk. You will also be getting a shot within 48-72 hours of delivery if your baby has positive blood.


bean - December 5

Michelle is absolutely right. Just to add to what she wrote, if the father of the baby is also Rh negative (meaning A-, B-, AB-, or O-) then you don't need the shot because the baby will have Rh negative blood. However, if you're Rh negative and the father is Rh positive, the baby may have Rh positive blood... and then continue with what Michelle said...


Rebecca - December 5

Hi Dia. I too have O NEG blood type and I had a shot at both 28 weeks and 34 weeks, as well as blood tests to ensure I'm not starting to produce antibodies. I have been told by midwife that after the baby is born they test the cord blood to check bub's blood type. If it is positive, they will give me another shot to stop me producing the antibodies in future pregnancies! Don't worry too much about it. They know a lot about this sort of thing nowadays and are doing everything right to ensure our babies are safe and healthy! Good luck!


Dia - December 5

Thanks for the advice! I was just a little concerned about it and didn't ask my doc all the questions I should have...I am still early on (13 weeks) but thought I would ask those of you who have been through it. DH is AB+, so I will need the shots! Glad to know it is not something to stress about! Thanks again!!


Mal - December 5

Hi girls! I am O- too. I had to have the shot (Rhogam) after I had my amnio at 20 wks. Then again at like 32wks. I'm 37 wks now and my midwife says I will have another one after the baby is born. You girls explained it to Dia very well! Good luck !


info - December 6

wow that is some great information. I am not in this situation, but was wondering about all of the shots for rh too this has cleared it up for me. You guys are a great help.


Swtpea - December 6

I had the Rhogam shot as well, does everyone get one? or only those who are 0-? My doctor didnt talk to me about it or discuss it, infact, I didnt even know what the shot was until after I left the office and was reading over the paper,... I thought it was a 2part flu shot >.< , I am now 36wks and havent had anymore shots yet nor anymore blood taken, but I do have an appointment Fri. So I was just wondering is it a routine shot or specific to those that are 0- ??


Mal - December 6

To Swtpea, I'm writing this from the paper my doctor gave me on the RhoGAM shot...."Doctors usually prescribe at least one dose of RhoGAM at around 28 wks of pregnancy. An Rh negative mother is most likely to be exposed to her baby's blood during the last 3 months of pregnancy and at delivery; therefore, a second dose is given for added protection within 72 hours after delivery if the baby is found to be Rh positive. You must receive one dose of RhoGAM if an ivasive procedure is performed (ex. amniocentesis)" It is specific to moms with Rh negative blood because, " every pregnancy puts the Rh negative mother at risk of being exposed to the Rh positive red blood cells of her baby." Hope this helps!


Jennifer - December 6

I'm AB- and I had to have the shot also. My Dr. said it is actually more common then people think. My sister in law also had to have it. You can look it up on the internet, but the whole thing is pretty complicated to me. I had 3 misscarriages before this baby (not due to being RH-) and I had to have the shot after my misscarriages also. It protects the next baby that you have.



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