Anyone Have To Go For The 2 Hour Glucose Test

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Kimmy - September 26

I had my one hour last week and my res___ts came back high so they want me to go for the 2 hour test ... and im freakin out !! Anyone else?!


L - September 26

I am scheduled for the glucose test next Monday, they said I have to drink a liquid and then wait two hours before they do the testing. Is this what you mean? This will be my first glucose screening. This probably isn't much help to you though. They said it was routine to do this after your 27th week. But my weight gain has been a little high and I have been measuring 8 weeks ahead for months. I have an u/s again on Friday to track growth (they still don't know why I'm measuring ahead!) and then the glucose test on Mon. Good luck on the further testing. They seem to test me at least every couple weeks for something!


JL - September 26

I had to have the extended glucose test with my first pregnancy a couple of years ago. You will have to drink that nasty orange drink, although this time most likely on an empty stomach. They will draw your blood every 30 minutes for the duration of the test. My test was longer than 2 hours. I can't remember exactly, but I thought it was 3 hours. It's really no big deal. You will just be very hungry and probably have a bruise from all of the needle-sticks.


Kimmy - September 26

JL - How did your results come back on the second test, did you develop gestational diabetes?


pbj - September 27

I had the 3 hr test 3 weeks ago, and no I did not have GD. There's no need to freak out, it's annoying, but that's it. They will take your blood as soon as you come in...that will be after you have fasted. Then you will drink the nasty orange stuff, every hour after that they will draw your blood. The only thing I will say is that it can make you nauseous simply because you have not eaten and it's quite sugary, but if you do vomit, you'll have to start over. Let me know if you have any more questions...I'll check back later.


tracy - September 27

I also had the 2 hour test done - my first test came back high so i went for the second - it came back normal. i'm in Ontario, Canada and it seems to be a 2 hour test here, and 3 hours in other places...? for me, they took my blood before the test, and then only once again afterwards. it wasn't too bad. i felt a little sick after having the drink because you have to fast for 12 hours. i decided to go to the lab first thing in the morning, so i didn't eat anything past 8:00 pm and was able to get in for the test around 8:00 am. try not to worry, apparently alot of the first-time tests come back high. and if you're having any cravings for pop and other sweet things this sugar-drink will take care of that craving - i don't think i'll ever drink pop again.! ;P


patty - September 27

I just had to take 2nd glucose test thursday cause they say I flunked the first and yes it is just like pbj says...I freaked out a little as well but it was for nothing cause the second test came back great so there is no accounting for why the first test failed. Basically do not worry untill you absolutely know you need to worry and the first test is not nessessarily correct so rest easy and good luck....oh and bring a good book.


Nicole - September 27

I had to go and have a three hour glucose because my one hour was elevated. It came back normal. Many times they will send you in and it turns out fine. Even if it doesn't everything will be fine. Gestational diabetes is very controlable by diet.


c - September 27

I failed the first glucose test and then had to endure the second three-hour glucose test too, which I pa__sed. I also read and heard that many people fail the first test and then pa__s the second test. And even if you do have gestational diabetes, it's usually managed through diet alone and goes away once the baby is born. Try not to panic over this test, which is easier said than done I know. I would suggest that you bring some water and food like crackers or protein bar after you take the test because you may feel faint and/or hungry. Good luck and hope everything goes well.


MC - September 27

I took my 3 hr. and pa__sed. I had a diet to follow starting 3 days prior. Basically measuring your food and only eating for example 3 oz. meat, 2 starchs, 1 cup vegs. for dinner. I felt like I was on Survivor lol. I got my results back and it showed 1 abnormality. (GD would show at least 2 abnormalities.) So the Dr. said it was normal but to be careful with my weight. Im at 33 weeks now and have gained 25 pounds. I now walk every morning and watch my food intake, and fats. So no omre gorging on cookies and chips. It's now apples, and low fat yogart etc. And plenty of water!!! Good luck and health to all. :-)


Heidi - September 27

Oh that's right, three days prior to the test I had a list of things I had to add to my diet twice a day. Like bread, rice, OJ, etc.


Lynn - September 27

I went for the three hour test too & the results came back "borderline" gestational diabetes. So I have been to see a nutritionist to discuss diet and that stuff. Its not that bad, the diet that is & about 80% of the cases of gestational diabetes are controlled by diet & exercise alone so don't worry too much.


M - September 27

Isnt the extended glucose test 3 hours? I know that the first one, blood is taken one hour after drinking. And if results come back odd, then it is a 3 hour test.


Kimmy - September 27

Thank-you all soo much for your comments, and putting my mind at ease. Tracy - I am also in Ontario, Canada, thus the 2 hour test. I'm not sure why we dont have to endure the whole boring 3 hours ... but i'm not gonna complain. Let's hope i'm like the rest of you and pa__s this second one. I went into this pregnancy overweight, and have managed to only gain 7 pounds at 31 weeks so the doctor is happy. I go Thursday morning, so i will let y'all know how it turns out! Thanks again! :)


JL - September 28

I did not have gestational diabetes. That was with my first pregnancy. My daughter turned out to be a 10 lb baby, so now that I am pregnant again, I have had to do the glucose test three times throughout this pregnancy just to be sure that everything is ok. Large babies are signs of diabetes, but all of my glucose tests have come back normal.


Patience - September 28

I go in tomorrow for this. My first result was 196 so we'll see. I have to stop eating at midnight and the test is at 8:30 tomorrow morning (for 3 hours) At least I dont have to come to work. :)



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