Anyone Having Lots Of Pressure And Pelvic Pain

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mary70131 - July 5

I have less than 8 weeks left.I am due August 29th.I am sooo ready.I have been having Braxton Hicks since 20 weeks pregnant due to a car accident and fall.My pelvis hurts soo bad when i walk or move a certain way.This is my third child.I am wondering if the baby has dropped into position this early.I am miserable with the heat,back pain ,etc,etc.Can anyone please relate???


Shell - July 5

Yes, I can totally relate. This is my second child and I am 34 and a half weeks pregnant, and sometimes the pain is so bad I can't walk. It almost feels like my pelvic bone is coming apart. The pain has been so bad that it literally stops me in my tracks as I am walking, and I feel a lot of pressure in my lower abdomen. I have been having a lot of trouble with my hips too, so I'm sure that's part of my problem as well. But getting out of bed in the morning is difficult. My husband usually has to help me up. I am really hoping that this stops after the baby is born. I feel like an 85 year old woman sometimes, waddling around unable to get up and down.


babyotw - July 5

Hi Mary! I am due August 29th also. When I woke up this morning I noticed that I had a lot of pelvic pressure. I think I may have dropped. I also noticed a little bit of brown spotting when I wiped but nothing since then. I am peeing every 30 minutes! I broke my pelvic bone last year in a car accident which caused me to lose my baby that I was pregnant with. I can relate to the strange aches and pains.


mary70131 - July 5

Thanks for responding u guys!!It makes me feel better to know i am not alone.I know all the pains im having will go away after i have my daughter but its tough when u have to get up every morning to go to work and u havent alept through the night and ur hurting everywhwere.I just keep telling myself it will soon be over with and it will be well worth all the aches and pains.Thanks guys!!!


krc - July 5

I am 36 weeks and for the past 2-3 weeks my pubic bone hurts everyday. I noticed it hurts most when im laying down on my right side. When I get up from a lounging position it feels like someone is kicking me in the crotch. Or like im being pinched. And getting in and out of bed is quite a slow process !! LOL


mary70131 - July 5

I feel like someone has beaten my pelvis with a bat!!I look sooo funny when i walk cause between my back hurting and my about to scream.The dr said at my 29 week visit the baby was measuring 4 lbs already!! I am now 32 1/2 weeks.She will be a big girl!!


Tanna - July 5

mary70131 I am due August 28th and this is my third as well. Some days I hurt so bad in my lower pelvic region that it really is hard to walk. I may set out to walk my other two children to the ballpark nearby or something like that, but I end up having to cut the whole thing short for fear that I may not be able to make it back! I had this pain with the first two as well. I tell my husband people see pregnant women waddle and think it is just because of the baby growing inside of them, but really it is because of all of the pain! We have to waddle to walk at all!



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