Anyone Hear Of This Before

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dedaa - January 12

I was just reading a site on ways to naturally induce labor and came accross something i have never heard of before. On the site it was recommended to put castor oil on your belly and put a warm towel over it and if your cervix is ready it shoud start labor. It made me laugh a bit wondering how that could work. Just curious if any one else has heard about it. If I go overdue I might try that just to see what it does. Apparently it is suppose to stimulate contractions.


chriss - January 12

The only thing that I've heard (and my SIL's Dr. recommended to her) was that she go home and have s_x, it apparently is supposed to induce labour when you around your due date! Not sure if this is actually true though............


iemc19 - January 12

The s_x thing doesn't work! Not for me anyway - 3 kids , s_x right up til the day before they were born and still I haven't gone into labour naturally!!! Maybe if you abstain for a while and then go for it ??? ;-)


Tammy276 - January 12

abstaining from s_x and then doing it doesn't work either!! Me and my hubby tried that and it didn't work...the only thing s_x works for is effacing the cervix....the mans s____n has some kind of hormone or chemical in it that helps to think out the cervix...and if a woman has an orgasm, that may help to bring on contractions, but it isn't guarenteed.


mamagoose - January 12

Haha, I wonder if you actually have to want to have / be into the s_x for it to work? Maybe to get the hormones going... my dh is a little creeped out by the close proximity of the baby's head (despite all our books saying baby won't know what's going on), but even if I could convince him to try that route with me, I don't think I could convince myself, LOL! I've read studies that suggest that regular nipple stimulation in the weeks before your due date will help, but they want an awful lot of time spent doing that, so its a little impractical.


KatieB - January 12

My dad's an OB/GYN and he told me s_x and nipple which I replied "Eww, Daaaaaaady, don't say those things to me!"


sahmof3 - January 12

S_x didn't work for me I went to 41 weeks 6 days. ggrrr!


corinnesellers - January 14

I heard spices like cinnamon work... and light exercise..


DownbutnotOUT - January 14

S_x didnt work for me but it worked for my sister! I heard there is something in the s____n that naturally helps start labour, good luck



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