Anyone Know If You Can Put Sugar In Rasberry Leaf Tea

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izechsmama - January 4

I've just started drinking the stuff.. as i've read that it really helps prepare your uterus for labor.. and i know a few people it has really helped... i have a hard time getting it down.. and i would like to drink it more than once a day.. but the taste is too bland for me... it doesnt say on the back of the box or anywhere if you can add tea to taste... i dont want to jeapordize the herbs in it.. but it'd be nice not to gag it down... anyone know??


izechsmama - January 4

i meant to say add sugar to taste**


izechsmama - January 6

gosh i thought for sure i wouldnt be the only one drinking this stuff!! :) nobody really knows?


jennifer_33106 - January 7

I would think you would be able to. It is a tea. My doctor hasnt said anything to me about adding a little sugar. I personally think you are fine to add it. To be on the safe side though I would call your doctor or the L&D at the hospital to make sure. I wish I knew the answer to that question.


izechsmama - January 7

Thanks Jennifer.. i know it wont hurt anything.. to add it.. but there are herbs in the tea that are there to make your uterus strengthen.. and i wouldnt think sugar would have an effect on that.. but it also doesnt say one way or the other on the back of the thing... i've never known anyone that has put sugar in it... i just want to make sure adding sugar wont change the effectiveness of the herbs... i dont want to be gagging it down for nothing!! :)


Megs - January 7

I know I'm not expecting but thought I would also suggest honey... I drink natural teas of various kinds all the time and was most of them suggest adding honey or stevia to "taste". I can't wait to hear your birth story after all that you went through!!! :-)


sarah21 - January 7

I take it as gel caps and have been taking it since about 25 weeks. My midwife recommends it all throughout pregnancy since it helps the uterus condition, blood flow, and tone. It also may shorten the length of labor, which sounds good to me! Adding sugar shouldn't change the herbal composition of the tea. But if you get tired of gagging it down, you can get the red raspberry leaf caplets on vitacost dot com for about $5.00 a bottle.


izechsmama - January 7

Sarah!! YOU ARE A LIFESAVER!! I had no idea you could take it in capsules! i'm so excited now.. i'm gonna go get me some! i just bought more of the tea.. but it was cheap... so i wont worry too much about it... now i'm really excited! thank you a bunch! MEGS thanks for the support.. i'm totally anticipating writing my birth story.. as i love to read them myself... thank you all!


izechsmama - January 7

SARAH... is it the red raspberry leaves 480 mg caplets? by natures way?



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