Anyone Look For Childcare Yet

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Bec - January 5

I have been searching for childcare and have been unable to find anything. I am so scared. I am wondering if anyone else is having these problems...? Or if you havent started to look when do you plan on starting?


just wondering - January 5

How soon after delivery are you looking to be using daycare? That usually makes a huge difference. We had to use a private family care provider until my daughter was oneb/c the wait lists at all of the acceptable daycares were so long. It was crazy. We ended up keeping her with the same lady until we moved (dd was 2), she became part of the family. The private care provider was only allowed to have 2 under the age of 1 at a time and only 4 total children (b/c she had infants) so my daughter received much more attention than she would have in a day care center. Alot only have a 5 or 7 to 1 ratio requirement with the infants. It's nuts. This time arround I'll be staying home for a while. We'll have a 3 year old and a newborn (they will be 35 months apart) and we don't want the oldest to feel pushed aside, so I want to stay home with the 2 of them and hopefully it'll work. - good luck with your hunting!


Heather - January 5

I started asking around about a month ago. One of my coworkers gave me a great referral of where his daughter went as an infant. I toured the facility and decided to go with them. They have a waiting list but I just got a phone call from them today saying they would have an opening around the time I am planning on going back to work. I think the best thing to do is ask around. I also looked on my states website - all day cares inspections are public records so I was able to see when they were inspected and if they had any violations and what they were and if they were corrected. They also list all the day cares in that area. I would look into that.


erinsoul - January 6

I work for a preschool in Pa, a large privately owned chain. Let me tell you what to really look for: Infant ratio should be no more than 4:1, facility should be reasonable clean, any licienced facility will be inspected yearly (may get cited for very minor things, that state is extreamly strict, but trust me will shut down or at least be investigated for anything that is a serious concern.) Look for some sort of security like coded door. Those are your main factors...#1 thing to look into is STAFF. Don't just tour facilty, ask to speak with the caregivers. Knowing the people who will care for your child and feeling comfortable with them is the # 1 key important thing! Most of them don't get paid more than your local grocery cashier, but most of them don't do it for the money, they just really enjoy kids. Don't get me wrong... it's a tough job and the caregivers have their frustrations like any job ...but if you get to talk with them and get to know more about them personally, and their experience you can really tell who will have your child's best interest at heart. Please keep in mind they are not miracle one will ever take care of your baby the way you do, especially when your baby isn't the only one they will be caring for. However, if you ever had the chance to fill their shoes for a day, you would be amazed how much work, attention and care goes into what they do for so many families. Just remember your child will eventual get hurt, and sick , and dirty in childcare... that's being exposed to life not neglect. The caregivers are key and that is where your main focus should go. Go luck searching for the right place, hope you all find somewhere that fits for you.



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