Anyone NOT Having Braxton Hicks

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Lynn - October 22

I am almost 35 weeks and am not having any bh. Occasionally I feel slight crampiness in my lower abdomen, but my mf described bh as kinda like the baby balling up? I'm not having anything like that & was wondering if there was anyone else that wasn't having these or didn't have these with a previous pregnancy. Thanks


JC - October 22

I've had them bad. It feels like I get the wind knocked out of me. I just curl up when I get them. Mine hurt most times.


Lynn - October 22

That sucks JC. everything I read says that they "shouldn't be painful" but then everything starts to say that they get "more painful" as tiem goes on & you get closer to your due date. How often do you get them?


Kim - October 22

I'm 38 weeks and do not believe that I've had one. I don't think that everybody gets them. I do have tightening sometime but only for a few seconds. It's not painful. At this point, I still don't think that I know what a contraction is and that makes me nervous but everyone tells me that when it's time, I'll know. Hope so!


LC - October 22

I, as well, am in my 35th week, and have not (as far as I know) had ANY B/H! After scouring the internet, I came up with two answers: one website stated that "if you do not experience B/H, then your uterus is not preparing for your future labor, and your labor will be intense, painful, long, blah-blah-blah..." The other website stated that if you do not experience B/H, then "you are very lucky and will have a perfectly normal labor." The internet is full of paradox... just know that you're not alone.


LR - October 22

I am 34 weeks and have been having them since i was 24 weeks. I wouldn't say they are painful for me...just uncomfortable. I have noticed them intensify as I go futher thru my pregnancy. Now, it seems I get one when ever I change position. I even have to stop for a second if I am walking just cuz it feels like I could wet my pants :-)


N - October 22

In the binder I got from my doctor during my first pregnancy it said that all women get braxton hicks, even while not pregnant but they do not become noticable (to some people) until they are pregnant and the uterus has something to contract around. I do know from experience that even if you aren't feeling the BH, you could still be having them.. I had alot of non stress tests with my first and they all showed I was having them.. rather regularly.. but only felt the odd one here and there.


LC - October 22

N, thanks for your input regarding B/H...I just tried to convince my husband that perhaps I was having B/H, but that I'm just a mighty, mighty woman who has a high pain tolerance. He laughed in my face. Did yours feel like slight crampiness (as Lynn suggested) or something else?


N - October 23

With my first son it was kind of like a cramp. I would just feel sort of uncomfortable. With this one they hurt. It's like JC described where the wind gets knocked out of you and you just can't help curl up things are so tight, my tummy gets so pointy it feels like my belly b___ton is going to explode. This is just my theory, but I think the stronger your abs are DURING pregnancy, the less you feel the contractions, I don't think that they really say anything about how quick or slow your labour will be though.


N - October 23

I read lynn's original post again.. yes that's exactly how it felt the first time.. like the baby was balling up.. it was just an uncomfortable weird feeling..


N - October 23

dangit.. i forgot something else in that last one.. The way I knew the difference between the baby stretching and a BH was that when it was a BH my belly was harder all the way around, when the baby stretched there was just a big lump.


Lynn - October 23

I'm glad to know that someone else is in the same boat as me. I did work out befor ethe baby and did a lot of crunches so I'm sticking with the ab theory:). I have read that its perfectly normal to not have them, but most women do have them so who knows. I had my first NST last week and didn't even have one but I was only on the monitor for about 10 minutes anyway.


Noams - October 23

Hi I am the same I am 37 weeks and have not had any at all or during my first pregnancy. The only pain I have had is a stich like feeling near my ribs.


jo - October 24

That's funny, i'm just like the last poster... I'm 39 weeks, and no BH contractions, but when I do a lot of exercise, a brief st_tch in my side along my ribs.


Lia - October 24

I'm early on .. Only 28 weeks and haven't had any BH. Two of my girlfiends said they started having them at 24 weeks. I would just count yourself lucky at this point.


Steph - October 25

I am 35 1/2 weeks and I don't think I have had any. I have had period-like cramping and back pains, but no noticable contractions so far. One of my good friends has four kids and she never had BH with any of them, so I think it just depends on the woman whether or not you get them. Hope this helps! Good luck.



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