Anyone Not Lose Your Mucus Plug

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kh - April 17

I keep reading posts about losing the mucus plug, and that being an indication that labor isn't too far off. I wondered if anyone DIDN'T lose the plug before going into labor? I am 39 weeks this week and desperate to have this baby, but have seen no sign of the plug.


sphinxminx - April 17

kh this is my second pregnancy and I don't even recall losing my mucus plug. Haven't even noticed for this pregnancy either. I think if you talk to your doc and ask him they will check for you.


Ba8y6irl - April 17

I am 35 weeks and still have all of my plug!


Emmie - April 17

I am 39 weeks on Wednesday and I have not lost my mucous plug either and as of my doc appt last week my doctor thought my baby would be born before my due date.


ssmith - April 17

I am 40 weeks, 3 plug. My sis-in-law didn;t lose her plug until she was admitted into the hospital, probably 4 or 5+ cm dilated!! I wouldn't count on that plug to mean much :-)


kh - April 17

Great--this makes me feel better. :) Emmie or ssmith, have either of you started dilating? I was 2 cm as of Thursday. I know this doesn't really mean anything, but I'm looking for any sign at this point!


ChaycesMom - April 17

I didnt lose my mucous plug with my first child until I was in the hospital 4cm dialated. I had no idea what it was either. I had to go to the bathroom and when I wiped there it was.


Emmie - April 17

I am 2 1/2 cm dialated and 80% effaced as of last tuesday I will find out tomorrow if I am anymore.


meme - April 17

You may lose it all at once, you may lose it over time & not even notice.


Jewell24 - April 17

I lost mine at week 38 I'm now into week 41. My OB said most women don't notice losing their mucus plug.


julia - April 19

hi im on my 4th pregnancy and i didnt loose my plug untill my waters had broke with my 1st but with my last i lost the plug in the bath at around 7pm and had my baby at 1am every pregnancy is different i would'nt get you hopes up just try and relax it will come when its ready good luck hope all goes well


Tess - April 19

I went to my 36 wks appt today...and I haven't lost my mucus plug yet. Ive asked the nurse if my Dr. would do an internal exam on me today and she stopped for a moment and asked why do you think you'll need an internal exam today? I just said I thought that perhaps I can request and see how Im progressing and she said they dont usually start doin that til Im 38 wks forward...oh wellz I'll get my chance. hehehe



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