Anyone NOT Taking A Child Birth Class

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Angela - October 13

People keep asking if I'm taking Lamaz, but I wasn't going to. I am not doing natural child birth and my doctor said he doesn't feel those classes are necessary. What do you all think? Are they really worthwhile? I'm single too, so it's not like I need to go with my husband to have him learn the ropes, lol. I guess I'd just rather save the money if it's not really necessary...


Tara - October 13

I signed up for them because this is my first baby,but my husband and i skipped the last two because the first ones was the most important and the last two i just did'nt feel like going.They are not necessary cla__ses to take they are just time consuming being 2 hours long..


No thanx - October 13

I did not take lamaz with my first and I am not taking it with this child either, I think it is a waste of money really, because once you are in labor and in all that pain the last thing you will probably want to do is worry if you are breathing correctly! Thats just me though! :-O


JB - October 13

Nah, I didn't take any cla__ses. I didn't want to and didn't have the money. When I went into labor, no amount of breathing was going to distract me, and any questions I had, the L&D nurses were more than happy to help me out. This is my own opinion, so whatever you do, it's up to you!! Good luck!!


Nat - October 13

I did not go for my first and will not this time, they are not necessary at all. I found that baby care cla__ses were more worthwile and reading books.


Nat - October 13

Hey Nat! Thought it was funny you have to same 'name' as me? My real name is Natalie. When are you due?


Gina - October 13

I am not taking them either. It has been almost 14yrs since last birth but it is no. 5. I should know how to do by now....


kr - October 13

Hi Angela, I was not planning on taking lamaz. I do, however,plan to take a birth cla__s for a few reasons: 1)I want to know what to expect. Some cla__ses take you through the birth process and then show you some important infant care (bathing, first aid, etc.) 2)I want to know about all my options during the birth. I do not plan to have a strict birth plan, but I do have a few things in mind and I want to be educated about those (meds,episiotimy,monitoring,etc.) 3) I think it will be good for my husband. I want us to be on the same page ( I know your single, but what about a friend, mom, or sis?) My doc advised it like she advised a tour of the hospital, it's good to know what is goijng to happen. But I have anxiety. If you don't then I wouldn't worry about it.


Carol - October 14

We did not take Lamaz, but have been taking a child birth cla__s offered by our hospital. I would recommend it to anyone. I have read tons on books, but still learned something in the cla__ses. It has helped us to become familiar with the hospital and how they do things. Knowing where to go when you get there and what to expect helps me especially since every hospital is different. It was also REALLY beneficial the night the guy came and told us how to properly install the car seat. We would have never done it right if we hadn't gone to that cla__s.


Tanyav - October 14

I just took at childbirth cla__s and it was so useless. If you read at least one pregnancy book you will be already ahead of the game. My doctor kept asking me if I'm going to take the cla__s so I signed up and payed 90$ and I so p__sed that I took it. It totally was not worth it.


Ca__sie - October 14

Two of the main reasons I signed up for child birth cla__ses are 1) so my husband would learn something and 2) so we could tour the hospital. I'm finding I know most of the stuff they are talking about because I've read up, but hubby is kinda clueless and in there he is forced to listen and learn. hahaha!



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