Anyone Planning A Home Birth

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angelbebe - April 30

Just curious what your reasons were for choosing this birth plan? I am planning this myself and despite friends and family's skepticism, I think it would be such a wonderful way to give birth naturally and comfortably. Any thoughts?


Jenn2 - April 30

I think that is great that you are planning a homebirth. I would not mind doing that if there were actually midwives in this area that could deliver. Unfortunately there are not, and I dont really have a choice, but to deliver in a hospital. You can belive that I will spend as much time as possible at home when I'm in labor b/c hospitals just freak me out.


Alycia - April 30

I'm having a homebirth, thank goodness. It's funny - I always a__sumed I'd give birth in the hospital like everyone else, although I wanted as natural a birth as possible. Once I started reading birth stories and got more informed about the politics of obstetrics in America, I was VERY turned off. The icing on the cake was when my good friend (a 3rd year med school student) did her OB rotation and told me all her horror stories. Additionally, she had just had a not-so-great hospital experience with her first baby, and after her rotation she decided that she will never again give birth anywhere but home. The more I read, the more confident I am in my choice. I can't wait - I'm 39 weeks tomorrow, and really excited to experience birth and meet my little one!


angelbebe - April 30

Alycia, my thoughts exactly. I too always thought I would just go to a hospital. I mean, that's what normal pregnant women do, right? : ) I also thought I would certainly choose an epidural. My research has empowered me and unless it becomes absolutely necessary, I will stay at home, drug free. Finding the midwife was key in my decision. I feel stronger in her presence. It's also important for me to feel like I can labor and birth the way that I feel is best for me and I know a home birth will allow just that. Comfort in my own space, my own bed, my clothing, my tub, and no constant interruptions from medical staff I don't know or necessarily trust. Plus, I have such mistrust of the medical world, especially in the att_tude towards pregnancy. I can't believe how much fear is spread around about one of the most natural processes of a woman's life. That doesn't help, does it? Who will you have attend your birth? My mother and husband will be there.


Alycia - May 1

angelbebe - The only person who will be at my birth (besides my midwife and her apprentice) is my husband. We wanted it to be very private this time, as we know that next time around we'll need my mom there to watch THIS little one! Are you renting a birth tub? If you don't have one already, I recommend this website: I got the smaller inflatable pool, and you would not believe how deep and sturdy it is! Cheap, too! Have you read Henci Goer's A Thinking Woman's Guide to a Better Birth or anything by Ina May? I found both very informative.


mandydoid - May 1

I am also planning a homebirth. This is my third. I had my first in hospital, my second at home. The home birth, was so relaxing, I wasn't anxious at all I just lead my body lead me and She was born within a couple of pushes, with no pain relief. I had an epidural, other drugs and nearly a forcepts delivery with my first. And it was only a 6 hour labour, I was nill by mouth, restricted to the bed, constantly monitered and in a lot more pain. The docters and midwife look upon it as a striaght forward labour ~ I felt very let down that I wasn't giving any choices. So that is way I done a lot more research and now homebirth is the only way to go. (unless of emergancy)


angelbebe - May 1

Nice to hear your feedback. It seems most forums are directed towards medicalized birth. It saddens me how much fear is spread around by even the top selling pregnancy books. They don't seem to mention that 95% of all deliveries are normal, without complications. One of the best selling books actually states that homebirth is hazardess to your health and baby. Yet, they don't mention all the studies that have been done that suggests that an epidural could be hazardess to the mother and baby's health. It's also sad how disempowering a medicalized birth can be. Women don't believe they can trust their bodies and intuition, so they'd rather just turn themselves over to a doctor and let them run the show. I guess for some women, just having the baby out safely is all that matters, and that is fine. For me, the experience of labor/delivery also means so much to me. More women seem to be satisfied with their home birth experiences than at a doctors office. Are you all getting grief from friends and family about your birth plan?


Alycia - May 1

I've been pretty tight-lipped about our homebirth plans, which is easy since all our relatives live out of state. We have only told family members we suspected would be supportive and who we knew would keep their mouths shut even if they weren't thrilled about it. I've told my good long-distance friends, as well, and only one of them is giving me grief. She's the type who plans to have an elective c-section when she gets pregnant since she is so afraid of childbirth.



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