Anyone Refuse The 3 Hour Glucose Test

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m - March 13

I just had my 1 hour glucose test today, and it came back a little high, so my doc has me scheduled to take the 3 hour. The thing is......I felt absolutely horrible for about 24 hours after doing the 1hour test. My stomach was aching really bad for the rest of the day, i even vomited! I am thinking about telling the doc I can't do the 3 hour test. Even if I were to show up with high numbers...all they are going to do is tell me to eat a different diet. The thing is......I already eat really healthy and walk 6 times/week. I am not overweight. There is nothing else i can do, and I do not want to subject me or my baby to a even stronger drink only to feel more sick. Is there anyone out there who has refused the test?


Shawna - March 13

I know you asked for others who had refused the tests to respond, and that's not me, but I feel compelled to write. Just because you eat a healthy diet and exercise does NOT mean that you won't have gestational diabetes, or that your baby will not suffer its effects if you do... and the effects can be very serious if it is not properly controlled. About half of the women who get GD do not have the risk factors such as obesity or family history, and to say that you aren't overweight, eat healthy, and exercise, implies blame on those women who do get GD, as if to say it is their fault because of lifestyle choices when in many cases this is not true. The hormones in the placenta are what cause the problems, and there is no way to predict how strongly your body will react to this insulin resistance, no matter how good the diet might be. Some women require insulin shots even though they watch their sugar/carb intake very closely. Diet alone does not always control GD, so don't a__sume that all that will be done is a diet plan. For most, this is true, but certainly not for all. I believe that the risks outweigh any discomfort you might feel from taking the test. One day of nausea is a small price to pay to make sure that you do not have what can be a very serious condition. You will probably pa__s the three hour test anyway, but if not... you are putting your child at risk. Probably not what you wanted to hear, and not the type of response you asked for, but I feel very strongly about it and it makes me sad to hear of someone who would rather chance having this potentially serious condition go undiagnosed than just take the 3 hour test and endure its unpleasant effects for a day or so. My opinion, of course, and no offense meant.


Drew - March 13

I'm with Shawna all the way on this for sure!! And, from what I've been told the 3-hour test is the same as the 1 hour, but over a 3 hour span. I don't think the drink is any different. I think the reason some women feel that bad after is because they hear all the "horror" stories about drinking the drink, and they feel horrible because they expect to feel horrible. There's just way too many risks in not doing it!


blaire - March 13

the three hour test drink is different than the 1 hour test drink by double. It is equivalent to eating 4 candybars......which hopefully no one would be dumn enough to do during pregnancy. That in itself is not healthy for an adult or a baby. Doc's just dont know what else to do. m- it is your choice, but if you decide to not take the really good just to be safe.


N - March 13

I just had the 3 hour test this morning after my 1 hour test came back high on Friday. It was the SAME drink. I felt like c___p after drinking it, having fasted for 8 hours before, but I would do it 100 times over to be sure my baby would get the best care possible. Shawna, I'm with you on this one too. The consequences of not doing it far outweigh the slight discomfort you will feel for a few hours.


Preggo - March 13

Is this test optional? I thought the only test that was optional was the AFP test. Isn't important for them to completely rule out gestational diabetes due to complications during pregnancy and labor? I'm just curious ;maybe my thinking is wrong


L - March 13

My 1 hr drink was 50 gm of dextrose and my 3 hr drink was 100 gms of dextrose. Keep in mind that the 1 hr drink is the same dextrose level as an equivalent-sized gatorade. You drink one drink at the beginning and then have 3 hrs for it to clear your system before you leave. I did have a slight rxn. It gave me an incredible sugar rush and then I crashed at 1.5 hrs and drooled all over myself. (I wouldn't be surprised if I was snoring too.) I didnt' notice any increased or decreased activity from my baby. The a__surance of knowing my GD status was well worth the inconvenience and embarra__sment.


read this...... - March 13

This test is done at 24-25 weeks and is becoming routine. Of those tested, only 2 to 3% will have blood sugar levels deemed abnormal for pregnancy. Of this number, 85% can control their blood sugar level with diet alone. In the GTT test, the pregnant woman fasts all night, goes to the lab in the morning, and drinks 100 grams of glucose. This is the equivalent of about four candybars-worth of sugar. Even a healthy pregnant woman cannot tolerate 8 to 12 hours of fasting followed by such a large quanit_ty of an unhealthy substance. Most women who test high in the GTT have normal blood sugar levels when eating their regular diets. According to the website , pregnancy hormones cause some people to be insulin-resistant, especially during the last trimester. This is normal, and no cause for alarm. If a woman already has diabetes and is taking insulin, this means she will have to adjust her insulin levels during the third trimester. For all others, nothing need be done, other than try to balance the amount of carbohydrates eaten by eating protein with them, and avoiding refined sugars and white flour products. Raised glucose levels are the body's way of providing for the increased growth needs of the baby. Researchers have found that screening with the GTT makes NO SIGNIFICANT IMPACT on perinatal mortality. In other words, routine use of the GTT has not been shown to significantly benefit pregnant women and babies. The only people who benefit from this testing are those in whom previously existing diabetes is suspected. If your birth attendant suggests this test, you can request the use of a hand-held glucose tester which would be used to test blood sugar levels 2 hours after meals throughout pregnancy. During pregnancy, blood sugar levels will be higher than normal because the baby is always growing and glucose needs to be readily available in the blood stream to meet the baby's immediate needs. It is not good for the baby or for a mother to go all night without eating and then ingest so much sugar. I would not subject my baby to that danger. This test taxes the blood sugar regulating mechanisms to their utmost, and there is speculation that the test itself may set in motion these unhealthy blood sugar patterns which weren't present previously. Why are some people concerned about elevated blood sugar levels? Because in some women, this tends to produce large babies. This is really no problem, since a__suming the squatting position during delivery provides approximately 30% more room in the pelvis for the baby to pa__s through. Almost any baby can be born with 30% more room. However, many doctors are not aware of the benefits of the squatting position, and hospital birthing rooms do not have equipment to support the woman during squatting. It takes a woman who has practiced the position in a variety of self-supported stances, or who has a birth partner who is experienced and able to support her during birth. In the squatting position, the diaphragm puts just the right amount of natural pressure upon the top of the uterus, so the baby is literally propelled down the birth ca___l just by the simple act of being in the position. It also pulls the tailbone out of the way, and widens the pelvis to its greatest potential. Some health care professionals are even questioning whether or not Gestational Diabetes is actually a disease, since it does not fit the criteria. As a Certified Childbirth Educator and mother of two who still enjoys the potential of possibly producing more children, I myself would not subject myself or my baby to the Glucose Tolerance Test, since it does not produce any discernable benefits to mother or child.


also....... - March 13

this was from a book that is based on solid research on the Glucose tolerance test.


Drew - March 13

Well, that would be fine if the only concern with gd was a large baby, but that's not the only concern. Some baby's whose mothers suffered from gd and went un-diagnosed had serious problems with blood sugar levels dropping after birth. That can cause many problems, anywhere from retardation to death. And, as far as I'm aware, no baby has died yet as a result of taking the gtt. There are also possible complications for the mother after birth if gd isn't diagnosed. So, I guess you have to weigh the options.


shannan - March 13

M, My numbers came back slightly elevated as well after the 1 hour test. I took the 3 hour test and was very nauseated after drinking the glucose drink. I know that the 3 hour test has double the glucose and I thought I might throw it up, but it stayed down. The Dr. office called me today and my 4 blood draws were all completely normal. It gave me piece of mind, that I would not have to go through the diabetic counseling. Good luck with everything.


meme - March 13

You don't have to do anything you don't feel is right, not even show up for a scheduled induction! My doc prescribed me iron pills because the "norm" is 37-47 & mine was 33... only slightly low. I stopped taking the pills after they were making me sick. I honestly think he prescribed me the amount a person would take if they were severely iron deficient, so I only took one every other day instead of three every day... but they were still making me sick. So instead, I get more iron now by incorporating seeds, raisins, blackstrap mola__ses, & fish into my daily meals. And I don't trust doctors just because they're doctors. That's way too emperor-wears-no-clothes for me. There are variable factors in everything! Everyone has biases & special interests to a certain extent, even if they're trying to be neutral. Anyway, I trust my body more. Some of these tests have only become routine recently, & some of them (such as the AFP/ triple screen test) are highly inaccurate. Even if you're just have gestational diabetes despite all your efforts to take care of yourself, the irony is that the most of what an ob would suggest if your test came back positive would be put you on a special diet anyway! Good luck!


jas - March 14

Um... No - that is incorrect, meme - please, I have GD, it's not the same as low iron. We're talking about complications to include STILL BIRTH - what's a little nausia compared to the health of your child? Doctors don't know everything, however, if they recommend taking the three hour test for the sake of your unborn - I would take the test. I am very glad to know I have GD ... I learned all about it so I would know what helps and what dosn't. There are a LOT of people who eat right and watch their carbs and STILL have to take insulin. It's your placenta, not what you eat that is more in control... Want more info? Check out the complications forum - those of us who have GD have a forum there which is very educational. But really - to think just because you don't fall into the catagories, diet and exercise and everything will be ok while IGNORING what your doctor recommends - come on, get your head out of the sand... This is YOUR BABY we are talking about here. Sorry - pretty pa__sionate about some things... This is my 6th pregnancy with 4 losses - I go off the deep end when women think they know more then their doctors and think if they smile everything will be ok and all problems will go away. Granted doctors don't know everything - but if there is a concern - you can't make it go away...


Monique to meme - March 14

I am iron deficient and on 3 pills a day (started at one tested after 2 months raised to 2 per day after another 2 months tested raised to 3). Is your doctor monitoring your iron?? Has he or she said the adjustment to your diet cured it?? (Tons of beef and leafy greens wasn't enough for me). I'm concerned because iron deficiency is one of the leading causes of maternal childbirth mortality!!


Em - March 14

Hi m, I hope you are still reading this...I used to think exactly the same as you, I am very healthy, I exercise 6 times a week at a moderate/high intensity, sometimes even more than once a day, I eat extremely healthy and am very conscious of the food I pick, I am most definitely not overweight (started out 5'6" and 112 lbs, now, at wk 28, I put on 13 lbs)...AND I failed the 3 hour test...I haven't really changed much about my diet, as it was really healthy before, just the amount I eat for breakfast...I think, having read a lot about GD and diabetes since finding out, that if you are living a healthy life like you say you are, there is not much danger of you having constantly elevated blood glucose levels, which would endanger your baby's health..Most women who are on insulin and have serious problems with GD can't even keep their numbers in check all the time...My suggestion to you would be to get a hand held tester, find out as much as you can and regulate your meals and eating habits based on the results you get...Good luck!


m - March 14

I think some of you moms have jumped to the conclusion that if I refuse the 3 hour test......I am going to leave it at that. If you do your research.....other women have had adverse reactions the the GTT test. In those cases those women were able to use a at-home stick test for a while, and record their levels to report to the doc. Like I said above, I already eat a very helathy diet (very low in refined carbs and processed foods), so there is not much more I can modify that would cause blood sugar spikes (except eliiminating the occasional dessert). I appreciate your responses, but all I am saying is I want to skip the 3 hour test, only to go to the next step (just in case).


m - March 14

Em and meme- thank you for your kind responses instead of instantly jumping on my back. I appreciate you.



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