Anyone Single And Pregnant

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Sad - October 17

Seems like everyone here is married or have a boyfriend. I not married and pregnant by a married man. Please no bashing about about my lifestyle. I just want someone to talk to. ~


?? - October 17

Just curious....does he planon being a father to this baby? And does his wife know about the baby on the way?


Sad - October 17

He know about the baby and is planning to be a long distance father when he can. No, his wife don't know I'm pregnant or he's having an affair with me. Mostly likely I will be a single parent


Sad - October 17

I'm chain smoking b/c of all the stress in my life. In 2 months I will have my baby. Should I tell his wife so he could be with me and the baby?


?? - October 17

Okay first off...I am not judging just asking did you know he was married before you got pregnant? Secondly, if he is planning on being a father to this baby then he NEEDS to be truthful to his wife. Should you be with he is a cheater and will either do the same to you with someone else or always play both you and his wife. If he does not tell her by a certain time then I think you should tell her.


sad - October 17

He told me he hardly ever have s_x with his wife. he lives out of state and we were childhood buddies. I love him and he love me. I know his wife. He brings her around the family. So yes, I knew he about his marriage. If he's so happy with her why would he need to be with me? 10 years of marriage don't mean anything if you are in love


Beth - October 17

Things seem pretty stressful and maybe you should talk to a pregnancy counsellor, it might help just to talk, you seem to have lots of issues/questions that only you can answer. Smoking is really bad for your baby, so find either a different way to reduce your stress or do something else, quitting can be imposssible, but cutting back helps. If you tell this guys wife, what makes you think he's going to be with you and the baby? He doesn't sound reliable or trustworthy, I say take your baby and make a life for the two of you and don't try to rely on this guy for anything more then child support.


Sad - October 17

Beth, I'm jealous of my married cousins and want a married life too. I feel so silly because I'm 32 years old and shouldn't let this happen


No Way - October 17

If he loved you then he would never of put you in this position....what he loves is the s_x. He is a cheater, and I am not trying to be rude and harsh but you allowed this to happen as well. If he hardly had s_x with his wife, or did not want to be with her.....then he would have left her for you. Come on he is a player and you got played. Do you really think that his wife deserves any of this. She is the real victim here.


Sad - October 17

I spend my free time trying to put other people down to make myself look good. I'm single and pregnant by my highschool sweetheart. Hoping he would leave her and be with me. How crazy is that? I thought getting pregnant would make him see what I see. We need to be together. He live out of state with his wife. Once he's with me he will be happy. He won't cheat on me


Sad - October 17

We been together for 2 years. Yes, he and his wife have 4 kids. 2 are his and the other two hers


Reasons to use birth control - October 17

You purposely slept with a married man and got pregnant. Honey, he doesn't love you. He's using you for s_x while his family at home suffering from his bad behavior. Have you ever heard of Crime of Pa__sion? Think about what his wife will do to you. GL


Tonia - October 17

I can understand why you feel the way you feel. I mean I'm not pregnant by a married man or anything, but I am pregnant by a man who I use to be in love with. You need to really value yourself. And if You know and understand who God is he tells you how valuable you are and it's up to you if you want to believe in what God says. But I gaurantee you if you value yourself this would'nt be such a bother to you. Then to you knew that this man was married, there are some consequences that both you and him have to face. What you do in the dark shall come to the light. For instance what you and him has been doing is going to come to the light because the birth of this baby will tell it all. I'm a single parent of 3 and I've had my ups and downs but it is nothing for me to worry about because I know who has my back, and he'll never let me down. I feel sorry for you but I also feel sorry for the wife because she is the victim here. Because of you and his selfish ways there are other people who have to suffer and it's not fair. I'm not trying to come down on you or sound like an a__s. I feel that you really should'nt be stressed out because you had enough time to think about what you did. I mean 2 years and you never once thought to yourself that if you get pregnant what his decision would be? Who's to say that you and his wife are'nt the only ones he's been sleeping with unprotected. That's scary and you said that he lives in another state. OMG that's scary. I found out that the father of my chil had messed with 3 other girls besides me and that was enough to scare me to not mess with that boy anymore it's to many diseases out there and I don't want to catch any of it. The wife of this man need to know about this baby she's been decieved now for 2 years straight. How much longer will you allow this to go on. You are bringing unhappiness to yourself when you do other people wrong. I know BECAUSE I AM NOT PERFECT. Sister just value yourself and put God first you'll be just fine. Good luck.


To sad - October 18

Surely, you know he won't be faithful to you. I feel bad for his wife and the unborn child. I would seriously think about seeing a psychologist to help sort out your life for your baby's sake. I wish you luck


Toni - October 25

Let me tell ya sister, I'm in the exact same boat you are. Me and the father of my baby are "childhood" friends and he only married his current wife because she got pregnant. He was still seeing me the whole time and I lived an hour and a half away. He is just afraid of her family trying to take his son away to do anything about the fact that is in an unhappy marriage. It just hurts so much when you love someone and you know that you could make them so much happier if they would just let go of the "comfort" of marriage and put their heart in your capable hands. My guy took the news that I was pregnant great! I was really surprised! Sometimes, things don't start out the greatest but, just remember, there is a reason for everything. God knows what he is doing!!


Question? - October 25

Toni if he was with you first just curious why was he sleeping with his wife in the first place, at that point he was not married? And now that your pregnant what should he do marry you as well, just because your pregnant? Wow some of these men and there sad excuses!


Theresa - October 25

Sad, im in the same situation. I have known this man for about 10 years. When I met him he had a girlfreind. We wasn't talking nomore and he decide to marry that girl he had a baby by and at the time I was with my child father. When I broke with my child father he said that he wasn't no longer with her and that he was going thru a divorce. While he claim that he was going thru a divorce he was giving me details every other day what his lawyer was saying and then he finally told me that he gotten a divorce and he was talking about his child support they was taking out of his check and the whole nine yards. I had fell in love with this man before thank god I fell out out of love because he was such a d__n lier. He lied so much he should of gotten an oscar for it. We started back talking when he said that he had moved out but the thing is he said that he was living with his freind and his wife for the time being until he finds a place. He lived about 1 and half hours from me and I will never come were he is at he will come to me. He was living with his freind for almost a year. I said hell no I can't do this because he is not going to lie to me again because things were fishy. For him to be a man why in the hell are you staying with your freind and his wife that long. So I said nope not going thru this again. When I had broke up with me ex (baby father) the end of last year. The same guy all these years had gotten in contact with me the beginning of this year. We started back having s_x. I knew I did not want to be with this man because he lie to much. He lie so much when I look at him he disgusted me but not to the point for me to not have s_x. I was so happy when he didn't look attractive to me because it made it easier for me not to get that close to him. At first when I look at him I wanted to jump all over him thank god I don't have that affect on him nomore if so I will be in big trouble right now. I mean my head will be all messed up. At the beginning of this year when we started to have s_x we always use condoms and I was on the patch. I did not want to get anything from this man. Girl let me tell you in March my insurance got cancel on accident (another story) and I couldn't get anymore patches until they corrected the problem. I had told him that and he was like everything will be alright because we use a condom anyways. So I was like ok. Never in my life a condom came off with him. I mean for 10 d__n years never. Why this night the d__n thing came off when the patch was not on. I was freaking out but I was telling myself I should be find because I use the patch for more than a year faithfully so it should be in my system like pills. Hell naw not this time. I wanted to sue Orthro evra. I should go thru with it (lol). But to boil down to it my period never came and I came up pregnant this man started to get shady and act crazy and said that he wasn't ready. Next time he will be, see how dumb men can be. He wanted to take me to the clinic to get an abortion. To sum it all up I found out he was married and I talk to the wife because she called me one day. I explain everything, she is hurt because they been married since 2000 and moved into a new house. Since everything is out in the open he is ok with it now. he can't wait for his first son to get here. I told the wife I don't want him because if he do the same thing to me like he done to her his body will come up stinking some where (lol). I am happy I don't love that man like I use to. I have moved on. If you take that man back SAD he will do the same thing to you. If he can disrespect you now what make you think he will stop when he gets with you. Thats enough heartache and pain for you, don't you think? Move on someone is waiting for you but you just have to wait until he comes and you can't go look for him because your going to find the wrong man. I hope my story helps a little.



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