Anyone Still Feeling Really Good

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erin - December 15

I'm just wondering if the majority of pregnant women start feeling really awful during the third trimester or if it's possible to feel really good right up until the end. Has anyone been lucky enough to still be sleeping well and have no problems with swelling, etc.?


c - December 15

i feel pretty good overall, its just at nite when i try to sleep that i feel c___ppy...i guess that is why it is 3:40 in the morning and i am responding to your post. i actually dread going to sleep at nite...its like the minute i fall asleep, i have to get up and pee, or get some water, or eat some tums, or my back hurts or my foot cramps up, or my hip hurts from laying on one side too get the picture. anyway, i am 34 weeks tomorrow, so only 6 weeks the way, like i said, i feel pretty great during the day, only lately just a little more tired than usual though...good luck, hope you are feeling better soon. :)


Heather - December 15

Hey girls! I'm feeling pretty good. I went through about 2 weeks where I didn't, but DH got me a new pillow - helping with nightly hip pain! I have alot of energy. it's just that it is really dreary here (Germany) and the days are short, so it is a little blah.I'm 33 weeks 5 days and had my first day of swelling just over a week ago and everyday I have a little bit at night - not much though.


Jean - December 15

I am a little over 32 weeks and 90% of the time I feel great. And the other 10% is just okay, not bad or anything. I have some lower back pain but yoga and my chiropractor keep that in check. And there are are days where the pressure on my bladder is annoying but I've been sleeping just fine and have had no swelling. Wish me luck that it continues.


lmrod55 - December 15

I am 31 weeks and still feel pretty good. My biggest complaint is lower back pain - but I am sleeping well and no swelling so far...I pray that continues!


Jessica - December 15

I am almost 37 weeks and I must say that I feel pretty good! I have a young son at home so he keeps my mind off my aches and pains. Sleeping is tough though.


Ashley - December 15

Hi! I'm still doing pretty good. Well, I have a cold, which really is terrible, but at 32 weeks I still get my sleep. I've always slept like a rock so the baby kicking isn't enough to wake me up. I really haven't had any swelling - which I was dreading! Hopefully, I can keep going like this and not suddenly swell up! I'm just taking it one day at a time and so far, the third trimester isn't nearly as scary as I feared! :)


Angela in California - December 16

I am 33 weeks and feel really good. I am still exercising every day and I sleep great (except do have to go pee a few times a night). I haven't had much swelling or any back pains, etc. The only slight discomfort is the pressure on my bladder which makes me feel like i need to pee quite frequently.


Jaci - December 17

I was great (after the baby dropped around 34 weeks) up until 38 weeks. I started getting pain really bad in my pelvic area. There are 2 bones there that are pressure points when you sit...well, it feels like I've been sitting on concrete for about 978 hours. LOL! It hurts when I walk! And then the baby moves and pushes on my pubic bone and sends me screaming and flying thru the air.


miss kriss - December 18

YEs!! i feel great!! and more importantly the zip up boots still zip up and all my rings still go off and on no problem. I feel like a million bucks most days and half a million the rest. I sleep like a rock when my partner doesn't snore ha ha. So here is a christmas cheer that that everyone has a happy restful christmas with lots of food ha ha.


Lynn - December 19

I felt absolutely great right up until I had my daughter. I minimal swelling, slept pretty good most of the time and was still exercising the day I went into labor.


erin - December 19

Wow, thanks for all the responses. I guess there's hope for me! I am 26 weeks and still feeling great but I remember with my last one that I felt TERRIBLE for the last two whole months. So I'm hoping this one will go better.



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