Anyone Still Having Weird Dreams At Night

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MelG - June 1

I'm a couple of weeks away from my due date and I've started having the most awful dreams at night. During the day, I feel fine and there is nothing that seems to be wrong. But at night, I have these terrible dreams - nothing good ever happens. I'm really worried because I had a few miscarriages before and had terrible dreams with them as well. I don't understand why this should be happening now as my panic attacks have calmed down alot. I don't get it.


lianne - June 1

you know what, i dont really have the answers for you, but i have been having some pretty bad dreams as well...and i have been waking up with my heart just pounding! last night i dreamt that i kept forgetting to feed my baby! it was awful...i kept saying...i have to feed you, and then putting it off, and hours...maybe a day pa__sed before i finally even made a bottle in my dream! i think that it is normal to be having these dreams, we are getting so close to the end and wether we think so during the day or not, we ALL have anxieties about becoming parents, and maybe these are just being expressed in our sleep since that is when our concience (sp) tends to speak to us the most...make sense? also, i am sorry about your losses, i have had a couple of them myself, so i know how you feel. good luck to you, and i hope that you start to sleep better soon! as if we need one more thing to keep us up at night right? gl!


ataylor724 - June 2

I have horrible dreams, too. I started having them when I was about 3 months and they have never stopped. A couple of my friendsw with children have said they too had nightmares. Have you by chance changed your diet at all? I don't know if that can really affect dreams or if it's just a myth. Anyway, good luck, and hopefully they'll stop :)


starr - June 2

I've read that having these types of dreams is very common during pregnancy.I know I have had the weirdest and sometimes the most horrifying dreams ever and it's always something bad happening.I've had the same dream twice about someone breaking into my house,once I dreamed that I got shot in the stomach by my sister on accident and one was about my son getting shot on accident.It was very scary. I will be glad when they go away.Good luck with the babies,ladies.


miraclebaby - June 2

me too, weird and scarey dreams for about 3-4 months now. and let me tell you some are awful. I wake up in a sweat, I heard like starr that they are normal and my twin sister got them with her pregnancy too. Good Luck


San - June 2

I had the most horrible dream early this morning. I woke up sobbing uncontrollably and my poor hubby woke up thinking I was in labour. I've had weird dreams throughout the pregnancy but if I never have a dream like this one again I'll be happy.


mommie2be - June 4

MelG- Yes... I can relate as well. I'm 30 weeks and have about 1 nightmare a week. About 24 weeks, I had 8 days worth of hellish nightmares... to an insomiac point because I truly didn't want to go to sleep and experience that fear or sadness. I relate with you about the miscarriage and that I'm sure has a big part in the subconcious... it really does bother the spirit deep down inside. I'm so glad you're close to your due date... that day should ease those current fears.



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