Anyone Still Undecided On Baby S Name

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QueenBeeMama - April 4

I don't know why we are having such a tough time with this! We are due July 19th with a surprise, this is baby #3 for my husband and myself, and we have 2 boys, 8 & almost 4. We have decided on a boy's name, Luke Edward. (Luke for Luke Skywalker, my 8yo is a big fan and is so happy we "let him" pick the baby's name. He's lucky, we both really like Luke!) Edward is for my father. For a girl, we can't seem to come together on this. We have the middle name, Grace, which is for his mother who passed away 8 years ago, so that is a definite. I considered the name Grace as a first name, but is soooo popular right now, and I really want to have the first name be just for her, if it is a girl. I guess we have a list of favorites, but nothing is grabbing us, like, YES this is the one! This is the name we HAVE to name our daughter! And I keep thinking we are going to end up at the hospital with a baby girl in our arms, and STILL not have a name, and then we'll feel pressured to pick something and we'll just settle. LOL, I guess I'm a little too concerned about this, huh? I just want to love the name we choose. Anyone have any great baby-naming books they could recommend, our websites they visited, or any other methods? Thanks!


ma1008 - April 4

Don't stress too much, you still have time. I'll be having a c-section the end of May, and we just barely picked a name. Check out babygenie dot com it's pretty interesting. good luck.


DanielleO - April 4

Don't worry, I'm due in 5 days, and we have absolutely NO names picked out yet. haha...yeah. We are slackin.


ejmeskan - April 4

QueenBee no worries...My son wasn't named until the day we brought him home from the hospital...we really really wanted a boy but were so worried because we didn't have a boys name! So day 2 the nurse came in and said "Ok guys you need to give this little one a name!" We were like you we had the middle name but not ONE that stuck out for the first so my hubby talked me into Jacob which I now know is the most popular name for the last 11 years BUT he is SUCH a Jacob!! These are a few babies names I think are great with Grace for a middle name Addison, Ella, Emma, Kate, Maggie, Molly, Hayden, I could go one with girls name...I want like 10 girls just to name them!!!


mommylove2 - April 4

:) We're in the same boat as well. Our little boy is due in 6 days, and we have not decided on a name yet. I think we're just going to take our list of names with us to the hospital and decide after we see him. With our daughter, we had two names we took to the delivery room, but I was pretty settled even before she came out which name I liked better. With this baby, I have no pull one way or another. None of the names seem to grab me as the one, so I hope after we see him, we'll just know. Good luck! At least you've still got time to decide!


angel_on_earth - April 4

we are due on june 10th with a girl...our first! we have had BIG time arguments about names.LOL! dh likes more traditional names like elizabeth and grace. but i like funky names for girls. :) so when we were in ireland last year visiting family we met a little girl who was so charming with red ringlets and her name was "grayson"...they called her gracie for it kind of satisfies both of us! so its been "Grayson Charlotte Williams" for a while now with no fights..LOL! anyway many people tell me that when they saw their baby for the first time they didn't suite the name chosen and went with something different so who knows? maybe when you see him/her it will just come to you! my sister had xavier james picked out since she was in high school & then minute she held her son she just blurted out "mason" and that was that!!! :) good luck.


angel_on_earth - April 4

omg i just realized they will be cousins with rhyming names!!! LOL..i am so dense! do you think that's weird? i guess not since i'm in canada and she's in the states? ugh..i hope dh doesn't change his mind after all of



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