Anyone Still Wearing Your Pre Pregnancy Jeans

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momma3tobe - July 12

I am almost 35 weeks, my last appointment was tuesday and I had lost 3lbs so my total weight gain is pre-pregnancy jeans were a size 6 and I had a 26 in waist.. there is no way I could get them around me now LoL! I have gotten away with just wearing elastic pants and baggier shirts instead of maternity clothes.


jen327 - July 12

Pre-pregnancy jeans? I packed those away so long ago. I don't think I could fit them over my b___t!!! But I have only gained 19 lbs and I am 37 weeks. But I am ALL BABY!


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - July 12

LOL jen thats my problem too...Just getting them over the b___t


MelissaK - July 12

I just had my shower a week ago and everybody was like "Good, you're just gaining in the belly, good job." Like anyone has any control over how their body will react to this process.


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - July 12

When I think about it, I doubt I will ever be back in my pre-pregnancy jeans : (


JessC531 - July 12

I'm with you Nerdy Girl. I'm thinking I might not ever fit in them again! I was 136 prior to this pregnancy, and I'm 172 now. I'm just hoping to get back to 140 sometime in the near future! I think I'm a little wider though...


Kerry5 - July 12

Jess, I'm exactly the same as you...I'm hoping to get back to 140 but even if I do I don't think I'll fit in my old jeans because it feels as though I'm WAY wider that I used to be...especially in the hips...oh well...I'll be thankful for those widened hips when she comes!!


Prego1 - July 12

Of course not....I gained over 30 lbs, not sure exactly how much now. I lost track. I was 97 lbs before I got pregnant but still I can't wear my regular jeans...haven't been able to since about week 14 or something, even with a bellaband. I hate anything that's tight right now. I'm currently 34 weeks.


michelle28 - April 7

Hello there,

I'm 22+3 and still in my regular jeans but holy man I feel like my bottom is about to bust right out! The ones I'm wearing today are completely unbuttoned and unzipped and I'm covering up with a belly band and long tank. And it is NOT comfortable lol. I have plenty of leggings but can't wear those to work. I really need to get me a pair of maternity jeans. I just hate going shopping!!



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