Anyone Take Meds 4 Gestational Diabetes

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mrstj - October 29

Hello Ladies. I just found out today that I will need to take oral medications for my gestational diabetes - even after eating perfectly my BS levels are too high so I will be starting oral meds this Friday (after another class of course). Anybody out there taking meds? I'm curious how that changes things with your OB care. Does this mean that they monitor you more closely? Are you more likely to deliver early? Etc....I don't have another OB appt until next week and now I have a whole new book of questions, because my OB has been saying "IF your GD is controlled by diet" "IF your sugars are in line"....well they aren't so what does that mean??? Any personal experiences would be great....


JenC - October 30

I was diagnosed at 31 weeks with GD and after only one week of attempting diet control, they put me on insulin. I had to take 1 needle a day until I delivered. I had a midwife so I was transferred to an OB and scheduled for induction at 38 weeks to ensure that I didn't go past my due date. However, I went into labour early and didn't need the induction. I had to go weekly to an Endocrinologist until the end of my pregnancy to keep a constant watch on my weight and my sugar levels. You should be seeing your OB or an Endo weekly at this point. How far along are you?


mrstj - October 30

Thanks JenC. I will be 31 weeks on Thursday. The nutritionist at the Education Center (Sweet Success) I go to said they will start doing non-stress tests 2x week at about 33 weeks, but I will be sending in my sugar levels to them weekly to review . I am due 1/3, which is a crazy time of year to begin with. I am hoping I don't go past 38 weeks...My next OB appt is next week so I am anxious to talk to the DR to find out how my care is going to change. It sounds like you and I have the same story....How far along were you when you went into labor? Was your baby okay?? My hospital does not have a NICU so I'm concerned about that as well....Thanks for your input.


JenC - November 2

No problem! My baby was born at 37 weeks, so not too early at all. She was small (5 pounds 10 ounces) but she is perfectly healthy and is growing well, she is 6 months now! After her birth she had normal sugar levels for 24 hours and did not require any additional food other than nursing. I on the other hand had to have an insulin drip, antibiotics because I was group b strep positive, an IV, and oxytocin for 12 hours after and an epidural. So after my delivery I was SWOLLEN from all the fluid! But, it was all worth it to make sure my little one was healthy and safe! Plus, the GD diet keeps you from putting on too much more weight!


coco797 - November 2

mrstj-I'm due on 1/3 too! I just found out from my doctor that my first glucose test came back abnormal, so now I have to do the 3 hour test tomorrow morning. I'm a little scared.


mrstj - November 5

Coco...any word yet? I hope all is well. I seem to be doing okay with my meds so I'm just eating as healthy as I can, really counting my carbs. I have lost 5 pounds now, so that is nice. Let me know if you have anymore questions, but I'm hoping that the first test was just off and you are fine.


coco797 - November 5

mrstj-My doctor called me this morning. The test came back negative!!! :-) My doctor said that being that the first test was high, I should watch my simple sugars, which I should be doing anyway. Thanks for you thoughts, and good luck w/ the rest of your pregnancy. i know you and your lo will be just fine.


Chas - November 12

Hi Mrstj, and JenC. I was curious about how high your sugars actually were, and how long they let them go before starting the meds. I have GD and have been trying to control it with diet, but it's the hardest thing I have ever had to do !! all i have been eating is salads and I haven't gained a lot of weight. They are checking a u/s the end of this week to see how big she is. I am 30 wks. Anyone that has any info on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks !!


mrstj - November 12

Chas....I was diagnosed at 28 weeks, spent one week controlling with diet and checking my sugars 4x a day while recording everything I ate. Even though the dietician said I was eating perfectly, my fasting BS avereaged 95 for the week, my 1 hr after breakfast averaged 140, my 1 hr after lunch avgd 135 and my 1 hr after dinner avgd 140. They started me on meds the following Friday. My sugars are controlled now, with the exception of my 1 hr after breakfast so they upped my meds in the morning. Are you counting total carbs? Eat what you want but limit your carbs to 30 grams at breakfast, and snacks and 45 grams at lunch and dinner (make sure to eat every 2-3 hours) My sample breakfast is (1. english muffin w/ egg, canadian bacon and swiss cheese 2. 2 eggos with peanut b___ter and 1/4 c. of sugar free syrup) My sample snack (1. 1 apple w/ peanut b___ter / string cheese 2. celery and peanut b___ter 3. crackers and cheese) My sample lunch (1. sandwich w/ Orowheat bread, lettuce, tomato, tuna fish / 1 yogurt) My sample dinner (1. 1 chicken b___st / broccoli / 1/3 cup of rice or 1/3 cup of pasta and 1 cup of milk) The only carbs you should count are the carbs in fruit, milk, yogurt, rice, pasta, bread, and all other starches) 1/3 cup rice = 15g carb / 1/3 cup of pasta = 15g carbs / 1 large banana = 30 g carb / 1 large apple = 30g carb........I hope this helps and good luck!


Chas - November 13

That does help, thanks for the sample menus. My sugars vary a lot. One day they will be in the 130's, 140's then the next day they will go down. Although mine are only really good when I have no carbs at all it seems. I just don't want to starve my baby !! I go back this friday, so we will see what he says then. Thanks !



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