Anyone Tried The Castor Oil Concoction

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steph-in-saint-pete-beach - July 14

Ok, I tried it at 37 weeks, and nada! tried it again last night, Ill be 40 weeks sunday, and NADA! Ive decided for her 1st Birthday I will be buying her a car as she will be driving by the time she decides to join the rest of the world.


momofalmost3 - July 14

Yes I tried it two days ago. Had terrible contractions 3 min apart ALL night long and then nothing. The same thing happened with my last pregnancy. I thought it would work this time because I'm only a few days away from due date but it didn't. Was NOT worth it!


young_mum_2_b - July 14

lol funny comment, maybe she could just drive herself out?? lol good luck


Kara H. - July 14

Have you tried evening primrose oil? How about lots a s_x? Both are much more pleasant than castor oil!


steph-in-saint-pete-beach - July 14

yea, ive tried it. had to catch hubby off gaurd at this point in the game, but yea. also been taking evening primrose and these herbs from the doctor called 5-w at 21 bucks a bottle, and nothing.Last appointment they said everything was on go, as a matter of fact they said see ya tuesday if not before.


Taneika - July 16

Hi, Steph. I've had some experience with castor oil and it was not good. I had diarrhea all night long and ended up contracting for three straight days before I dilated b/c my cervix wasn't ready. Boy, did I learn my lesson, lol. Anyway, have you asked your doc to strip your membranes? My doc did that with my second child and within 72 hours my water broke and I went into labor naturally. It hurts like hell when they do it, but it's quick and it sure beats having to drink that nasty castor oil. Good luck to you. I can only imagine how uncomfortable you must be right now. I'm 33 weeks and the heat is really getting to me...


krc - July 16

I haven't tried it but it seems like alot of women do. My ex-boss tried it while her mom was in town from another country. She took it like a champ and her mom was here for 2 weeks, well as luck would have it she went into labor a few hours after her mom was on the plane !!!! LOLOL Poor thing


momofalmost3 - July 16

You can get 5W a lot cheaper off the internet, even with shipping! I got mine (not taking it now though..decided against it) for $14. -



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