Anyone Try Nipple Stimulation

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alicia - January 3

I was just wondering if anyone has tried nipple stimulation? i just tried it for the first time and my lower stomach got hard immidiately...if anyone else had done this, can they tell me how their contractions felt and like how quickly they started or how long they lasted? Just wondering...


ssmith - January 19

I am wondering that much nipple stimulation is too much? I don't want to bring on premature labor, but really enjoy nipple stim. during s_x. Sorry if that's too much info! I am just nervous about bringing on contractions.


alicia - January 19

well it brings on contractions but i think if your not dilated any its not going to do anything. it gave me a bunch of contractions but well im still little boy is quite comfy where he's at. I have read that once you start contracting to stop. and only do 15 minutes maximum at a time per hour at least. and only do one nipple at a time. because you dont want to over stimulate and get your baby stressed out. thats not worth it. personally i felt alot better contractions after s_x but it never hurts if you enjoy it to do it before or after...


Rachel.R - January 19

i tried it several times... and it did nothing for me at all.. im 40 weeks + 4 days so im trying everything natural(not castor oil). Im not dialated at all though.. maybe that had something to do with it not doing anything.


Sarah - January 19

Yup, I tried it several times too and nothing.


alicia - January 19



alicia - January 19

Ooops...if a post shows above it ignore computer freaked on me. what i was trying to write was that i had read that in order for it to do anything you have to do it...alot. Like for a total of a few hours in a time period of a day...even though they says its only healthy to do it for about 15 minutes for every 3 hours...seems to be too much of a pain in the b___t....



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