Anyone Wearing A Pregnancy Belt

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CgGirl - March 9

Hey guys, I'm thinking of getting a pregnancy belt because of back pain (one of my disk has rotated because of the belly weight) and was just wondering if anyone had bought it, which brand and if it made a difference to them. Thanks!


DDT - March 9

I have never bought one or worn one but I have read that they can make your abdomen muscles "lazy" which will make it harder for your to get back to that pre-pregnancy state. This is just what I have read though and in your circ_mstance the advantages may outweigh this disadvantage.


cors1wfe - March 9

I wore one with my last pregnancy and I don't feel I lost any muscle tone. It was a great relief for my back and hips I can't remember the brand or where I got it because I think my mother in law bought it for me. it was like a weight lifting belt without the suspenders


mahagen - March 9

Hi, I have wore one with both my pregnancies and it really helps to relieve some of the back pain/strain. I didn't have problems with my stomach/abdomen muscles weakening because you don't really wear the belt while you sit down it's more for when your up walking or standing around. You can still wear it when your sitting down though because it won't hurt anything. My belt was a Medela brand. You can find it at Motherhood and I know that Babies R Us/Toys R Us also has maternity belts that would work. I do want to recommend that if you buy a belt make sure to go up a size from your normal size. I am usually a small/medium person is so that was the recommended size, well it is actually really tight and the medium/large would have been more comfortable. GL and hope you purchase one because I definitely think it will help your back.


joy28 - March 13

Hi, I didn't get one but wish I did ( I only have 2 wks left) My mom recommended it and of course I ignored her! Bad idea. I hvae had a bad cough for a few weeks and 3 times I've coughed and heard something pop in my back. A pulled muscle extremely painful and it takes days to get better! I would definitely loo into one. I did try some on and I had the same problem as mahagen, the medela run very small so even if you usually get sm/ medium you may have to size up.


SuperMom - March 17

Try the Belly Bra. Expensive, but totally worth it- I didn't like the belts at all. So uncomfy. Also may LOVE the Bed-Pal maternity straps. Just google they both should come up.



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