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Nita_ - June 22

We have a 1.5 yr old dog (he's a mix between lab & golden --or so we were told when we adopted him from a rescue group). He seems to be fine around kids, but just wondering how you ladies managed/planning to manage introducing baby to the dog. I've heard/read about getting the swaddling blanket from hospital and having him smell it/get used to it. But any other tips would be helpful.


Tanya2 - June 22

We have a dog he was 4 yrs last year when my baby girl came, he is not a jealous dog to begin with lab mix with broder collie but is very hyper and curious. We did let him sniff her feet and her blankets and just had to keep an eye since he always wanted to go lick her. He finally got used to her. Now its the opposite, my girl is 9 months old and she has started yanking hard on his tail, whiskers and ears so he keeps away. Now that she is crawling she chases him around the house. It's actually really funny, he is a good guy though and wouldn't harm her but he does go overboard licking her every once in while. We usually allow him to do so especially when its around her bath time in the evenings. Labs are really good family dogs, you should be ok. My advice is to keep giving him attention especiallly when the baby first comes in and do have him around the baby as much as you can. Increasing the exposure more and more as baby grows.


Aimes - June 22

We also have a golden who's great around my 1 year old niece. I have read though not to push the dog away or tell him to get out of the way when you're doing things with the baby because he'll a__sociate being pushed aside with the baby and can be resentful. It makes sense, but I am sure with a lab/golden you have a pretty gentle dog--except for being hyper!


Steph - June 22

We've got an anotolian shepard mixed with some lab whose 1.5 and still very puppy. He's a very good dog and very protective of my daughter who will be 8 next month. We are planning on making sure that we don't ignore him and don't push him away when our little guy gets here.


mrsfiveday - June 22

i have an 13 month old male pitbull as well as a female lab cross. When I found out I was prego, I dug out my old cabbage patch kid dressed it up and acted like it was a baby. My pit bull sniffed it, licked its foot and said gently beside me. My lab cross grabbed its hand. I dont think we will beable to keep our lab cross once baby is born. I don't trust her. Funny I completly trust my pit bull, who is in fact good with strangers and kids.


Erynn21 - June 22

I have 2 dogs, one border-collie/lab mix and a big german shepard. They both are extremely loving dogs. I have noticed my lab x to be following me more than usual, I keep telling her she will have to guard the baby when she comes. My plan for that is to come home and have my hubby carry the baby, so I can greet the dogs and so they don't feel neglected. My lab is such a sensitive dog I think she'll be concerned when the baby cries, she's concerned if anyone is feeling sad and wants to make things better. My shepard loves kids and just wants to be around them, I think that we'll all be fine. Good luck to all of us with our newest members of our families.


karyn - June 23

Erynn21- it's funny, we have 2 cats and a dog. Our Golden Retreiver and tabby are oblivious to the pregnancy, however my Siamese has been my guardian from the start. He totally knew I was pregnant and has taken up the task of watching over me. Like your Lab, he must be extra sensitive. When we bring home the baby, I will give the animals extra love and attention while my husband gets the little one settled. After that, it's up to me to make special time for them. They are a very important part of our family and I don't want them to feel left out.


Nita_ - June 23

Thanks ladies!! Our lab has been "sticking" with me all the time lately. Either he knows that there is a new member inside me or he's just loving the fact that I'm working from home the last few days. Either ways, he's such a special member of our family, will be sure to take some time out to spend with him after the baby arrives. I'm not quite sure how he'll deal with me not being around for 2 or more days when I have the baby?! He surely will miss me! He follows me everywhere I go and even now is sitting right on top of my feet underneath the chair!! such a sweet thing. Good luck to all!



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