Anyone With Husband Problems

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amanda - July 8

i love my hubby to death, and he is really so great MOST of the time. but occassionally he (like today) is angry and depressed because his weekend is going to suck. of course, its my fault cause i can't travel far from home, and i just plain don't feel like doing anything. i know he wants to get together with his buddies and drink. it really hurts my feelings. he thinks i'm making it all about me and being selfish-that hes just mad. thats fine- but stop rubbing my face in it!! maybe i'm sensitive right now...


BBK - July 8

If you think your husband is bad, check out this guy! He's a real catch isn't he?


to amanda - July 9

You should let him go out once in awhile with his friends. He won't get to do it very much (if any) when the baby is born. As much as it sucks for you at least you both don't have to be unhappy.


jen - July 9

i agree, think you should let him go out with his friends. i am ok with mine going out until 2 weeks before due date, just in case anything happens


robin - July 9

I am 39 wks and my husband goes out i dont have a problem with it's just that that man goes stupid and doesn't come home till the next morn. he doesn't even call to check on me. he never lied or at least i have never cought him in a lie but when he does this it makes me question where the hell he has been all night. and what he was doing and who with.sometimes i get so mad i really question why in the world i got married in the first place.then I am in so much pain that he thinks im making up. he will get mad if i dont clean the house or wash the clothes at this point i am so sick of him i could care less if he were here or not. and if he wants a clean house and clothes he can do it himself. or kiss my a__s cause im not doing it.


cajun01 - July 9

My hubby keeps making tentative plans with people, even within 2 days of my due date. I know that few babies are born on their due date, but I agree that HIS life should be on hold for a couple weeks (as mine has been and will be for months) around the time the baby is expected. I told him that it's important to me to just hang out, even if we do nothing but watch tv, since it will be the last few moments of us just being two. I was feeling disgruntled about my body last night and how unattractive I feel, and he turned into a jerk and made it into an issue about him that turned into a big fight, when all I wanted was some ego-boosting. So yeah, I guess all our hubbys have their moments of being a jerk and just NOT getting it.


Chris - July 9

Just wondering ---- are you having an affair with my hubby? LOL Dont feel bad cuz he's treating me the same way. We should get together and be sensitive together...... the ol' poop head :)


Jamie - July 11

I think I'm different from you husband absolutely refuses to do anything without including me...which really sucks for me when I just want him out of the dang house! I'd LOVE it if he'd go out with his friends on the weekends and what not, and I really try to push him into doing something socially - but he refuses everytime. :( I'd love to have some time by myself...


amanda - July 11

my hubby wants me to tag along on all these outings. two weeks ago i literally sat my pregnant a__s in a bar for 8 hours!!!! while all our hubbys got drunk. He thinks i'm being antisocial and selfish when i say i think that is unreasonable. If we don't go out he can freely do what ever he wants, including go to bar with friends. my problem is that he still thinks his weekends are ruined (even tho he gets to do all this stuff) i guess just because life isn't what it used to be. I don't think i'm being unreasonable, nor do i not let him go out. i think he's just being a b___t head!!!!


Marie - July 11

Maybe I am in the wrong here but I have a problem with my hubby taking off without me. I am 7 months pregnant I have a 3 year old to take care (who is a real handful) and my husband is gone everyday from 7-7 Mon-Fri. On the weekends is the only time I get any relief or rest! I also don't have any family/friends where we live so if my hubby takes off I am once again alone!



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