Anyone With PCOS How Long Did It Take To Conceive

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patty - January 23

i was just diagnosed with PCOS after finally going to the dr. to see why after 1 year we were not conceiving. i have PCOS. i feel like my world is been thrown apart. i am hopeful that one day i will get pregnant. -in the meantime i would love to hear some positive stories about women who have PCOS and are pregnant. what meds did you have to take and how long did it take to get pregnant. i am 30 yrs old my next appointment with the fertility specialist is jan 26. i believe they want to put me on birth control for a bit. but why ? --since i do want to get pregnant. i went for blood work and an internal transva___al so we will see ....please give me some inspiring stories ! and good luck to all !


Emy - January 23

Hi Patty. I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 16 after I had only had one period at 13. The doctor put me on the pill and said I could try to go off in 6 months and see if it would regulate me. I did that for about 14 years! I would be on the pill for a time, I would go off to see if I would get my period - and nope, would never ovulate! I think between the age of 16 and 29 I ovulated on my own three times (and that included the first one at 13). And I am not even sure I was ovulating - I could have just been shedding uterine lining. Needless to say, I was told by my OB that I would need fertility drugs when I would want to get pregnant. I went to see her in April and she told me about this new drug they are trying on women with PCOS called Metformin. It is not a fertility drug at all, but a drug they give for type 2 diabetes. She said that apparently women with PCOS have problems with their insulin, and this related to annovulation. Although I have never been diabetic and didn't appear to have any insulin problems, I decided to give it a try based on how safe the studies are on women with PCOS. I stopped the pill the first week of May, I started the Met, and 3 weeks later noticed, for the first time in my life, egg white cervical mucous! I thought, Holy Cow, am I about to ovulated. DH and I had s_x like crazy that weekend and 11 days later I had my BFP. Here I am 36 weeks pregnant. Never in my wildest dreams did I think it would take me less than a month to conceive! And, without the help of fertility meds. So....hope is not lost at all for us women. I encourage you to check out this forum: (delete any hyphens). It is a great resource for women with PCOS and you will find out a lot more answers to your questions. Good luck!


patty - January 23

thank you so much emy for your story and good luck ! my appt is jan 26 so hopefully there is hope for me !


Lisa - January 23

Hi Patty, I was diagnosed with PCOS a few years ago. At that time I was 20lbs overweight. I only had periods about 2 or 3 times a year. I began working out regularly and eating the south beach diet way and lost 20lbs, and my periods became MUCH more regular. I would have them every other month rather than a couple times a year. Within a year of trying, my husband and I conceived! I hadn't even had a period in 2 months and I still conceived. I am now 32 weeks along and everything is perfect. I don't know what your situation is, but I was told that if you lose extra weight you're carrying around, your body will naturally "fix" the PCOS because your blood sugar will be regulated. As you probably know, PCOS is directly linked to how your body processes sugar and simple carbs. As long as you stay away from sugar and simple carbs, your body will become almost normal. It worked for me, and I despaired that I would never get pregnant! Keep us updated!!


Lisa - January 23

One more thing...I was also told about Metformin, and depending on the severity of your case, you can just regulate your insulin with diet. Metformin will do the same thing as fixing your diet. It's funny because I had a doctors appointment set up to get on Metformin and then SURPRISE, I found out I was pregnant! Good luck!!


patty - January 24

thanks for sharing !- i get my period every month--sometimes every 18 days ! it is a pain. i see my speialist on thursday ! cant wait !!!!!! so i guess she will see what route i should take by looking at my tranv____al ultrasound and bloodwork. i want to stay positive but it is so hard !


Emy - January 24

Right about met. Patty, I had lost 30 pounds and was at 118 but still was not regular and metformin was MY miracle drug! Wish my doc had told me about it before.


Victoria - January 24

Hi Patty!!! I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 17, since then my dr. put me on the pill, now I'm 32. Last january (2005) I stared trying to get pregnant, but with my condition I knew I have to see an specialist. So I went to the dr. he put me right away on Metformin and on a low carb diet. I lost like 10 Lb, I was not over weight. That was for tow months, my period start to get regular but I did not ovulated. Then he put me onmetformin and clomind, I ovulated, but not pregnancy!! the next month he put me on Metformin and Femera, I ovulated and I got PREGNANT!!!!! now I'm 30 weeks pregnant and everything is OK!!!! It took me just 5 months. My advise is go to an specialist, be positive and you will get pregnant very soon!!!!! GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!


patty - January 24

i believ my specialist wants to put me on birth control--which is a bit discouraging since i do want to get pregnant -is that the first step-to go on birth control and why ? my appoint is jan 26---can not wait ! thanks and good luck to all !


Emy - January 24

I went back on birth control for a few months before I got pregnant. Apparently, the combination of going off the pill and immediately starting something to help you ovulate (in my case metformin) is the perfect combination to kick start ovulation. I am not sure I would have ovulated so quickly had I not been on the pill for those few months prior to starting met.


Katie - January 24

Patty- I was diagnosed in 2004 after my husband and I tryed for a year to conceive and no luck. When I saw are OB In Feb/05 She told be to quit smoking, lose 50-70 lbs and start taking pre-natal pills. I did all of that and now Im 29 wks. expecting a little girl. It will happen for you, just stay positive and take care of your body. Also if they haven't already it doesn't hurt to have your partner's sperm tested, ya never know! Good luck, I wish you the best!


Jennifer - January 25

I have PCOS and I just had a baby in Dec. I had 3 miscarriages before carring my son to term. I took Clomid for 6 months, but I didn't get pregnant. I decided to stop fertility drugs after that. My Dr. put me on birth control pills at my request because I felt like my hormones were out of control. He said many times being on the pill for a few months actually helps women with PCOS become pregnant because it regulates your cycles and provides hormones that our bodies don't make enough of naturally. I was on the pill for 6 months then stopped and I found out I was pregnant about 3 months after I stopped taking the pill. That was last March and I now have a 6 week old son. My Dr. did put me on projesterone supplements during the first 12 weeks of my pregnancy. Good luck! Stay positive. Just look at all of these women who are having babies with PCOS.


Stephanie - February 10

After 2 years of trying I was diagnosed with PCOS by a fertility specialist. I was told by friends to try birth control, but when I brought it up to the fertility specialist she told me no because my goal is to get pregnant. She gave me prometrium to bring down a period (I took this for 7 days or until the period came down). A period should come a week after stopping prometrium. On the 5th day of bleeding I had to take 1 pill of clomid (fertility drug) at night for 5 days. Then have intercourse on days 10-22 every other day. The first day period starts, is considered the first day. On days 21 or 22 I had to come in for progesterone blood work to see if I ovulated. She also prescribed metformin, which is a drug patients with diabetes take. It's supposed to help women with PCOS ovulate as long as it is taken with clomid. On my first cycle I didn't ovulate, but it happened on my 2.d cycle and Thank God I became pregnant. Unfortunately, my baby pa__sed away at my 33rd week because of an umbilical cord accident. This had nothing to do with the PCOS. The doctor said I had a healthy pregnancy and umbilical cord accidents are rare. Have faith in God and everything will turn out fine. I wouldn't take the birth control pill, but every body is different and I don't know if there is anything else that will prevent you from doing it the way I did. God bless in your journey and you'll see that soon you will your child. God bless!


Hannah - February 10

women with PCOS are put on birth control b/c that regulates their cycle, you see. but if you want to get pregnant, naturally you cannot be on birthcontrol. you should take metformin (or similar meds)... Maybe you should also consider another doc... Goodluck, Patty


julieB - February 13

hi patty, I was diagnosed with pcos when I had a laporoscopy back in 2000 with my endometriosis.. I new something was wrong when I was about 17 years old with painful and irregular periods. I was diagnosed with a hormone imbalance and too much male hormones.. The pill would make me sick and all other ( the patch , the seasonal pill, the depo especially would make me bleed and spot for 6 or months nonstop.. I was told it would be hard for me to get pregnant without fertility drugs or surgery.. Now I am 32 and miraculously I found out last year I was pregnant.. they did not find any endometriosis and found one med. size cyst on my right ovary.. I was on the patch for about 3 months when I stopped taking them about 7 months before I got pregnant.. good luck to you and it will happen when your body is ready.. Be at ease and dont stress your body out ... good luck.. :-)


julieB - February 13

I forgot to say I am now almost 36 weeks pregnant and happy as a clam. It has not been easy, the first 4 months the doctors said I was a risk miscarriage and was on pelvic rest for a month or so.. I think this was due to my conditions.. but I made it through... good luck to you....


Sobiariyanna - June 12




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